PTE Academic reading collocation list 13

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PTE Academic collocation list

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
2064 significant adj correlation n
2065 significant adj correlation n
2066 (a) significant adj degree n (of)
2067 significant adj development n
2068 significant adj difference n
2069 significant adj effect n
2070 significant adj factor n
2071 significant adj feature n
2072 significant adj figures n
2073 significant adj growth n
2074 significant adj impact n
2075 significant adj improvement n
2076 significant adj increase n
2077 significant adj influence n
2078 significant adj interaction n
2079 significant adj number n
2080 significant adj part n
2081 significant adj portion n
2082 (a) significant adj proportion n (of)
2083 significant adj reduction n
2084 significant adj relationship n
2085 significant adj role n
2086 significant adj shift n
2087 significant adj variation n
2088 significantly adv affect v
2089 (be) significantly adv correlated vpp (with)
2090 significantly adv higher adj
2091 significantly adv increase v
2092 (be) significantly adv reduced vpp
2093 similar adj approach n
2094 similar adj argument n
2095 similar adj characteristics n
2096 similar adj effect n
2097 similar adj issue n
2098 similar adj pattern n
2099 similar adj properties n
2100 similar adj result n
2101 similar adj situation n
2102 simple adj majority n
2103 simplified adj version n
2104 single adj currency n
2105 single adj element n
2106 single adj entity n
2107 single adj individual n
2108 single adj issue n
2109 single adj source n
2110 single adj variable n
2111 skilled adj worker n
2112 slightly adv different adj
2113 slightly adv higher adj
2114 slow adj process n
2115 small adj fraction n
2116 small adj minority n
2117 small adj percentage n
2118 small adj portion n
2119 (a) small adj proportion n (of)
2120 small adj quantities n (of)
2121 social adj activity n
2122 social adj aspect n


PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
2123 social adj attitudes n
2124 social adj background n
2125 social adj behaviour n
2126 social adj circumstances n
2127 social adj conflict n
2128 social adj consequences n
2129 social adj construct n
2130 social adj contact n
2131 social adj context n
2132 social adj democracy n
2133 social adj dimension n
2134 social adj environment n
2135 social adj equality n
2136 social adj exclusion n
2137 social adj expectations n
2138 social adj factors n
2139 social adj function n
2140 social adj identity n
2141 social adj implications n
2142 social adj inequality n
2143 social adj institution n
2144 social adj integration n
2145 social adj interaction n
2146 social adj isolation n
2147 social adj mobility n
2148 social adj movement n
2149 social adj norm n
2150 social adj organization n
2151 social adj phenomenon n
2152 social adj policy n
2153 social adj reform n
2154 social adj relationship n
2155 social adj responsibility n
2156 social adj setting n
2157 social adj significance n
2158 social adj status n
2159 social adj structure n
2160 social adj theory n
2161 social adj transformation n
2162 social adj trend n
2163 social adj welfare n
2164 socially adv acceptable adj
2165 (be) socially adv constructed vpp
2166 socially adv desirable adj
2167 socially adv responsible adj
2168 socioeconomic adj status n
2169 solar adj energy n
2170 solar adj panel n
2171 solar adj power n
2172 solar adj system n
2173 source n material n
2174 sovereign adj state n
2175 (be) sparsely adv populated vpp
2176 special adj circumstances n
2177 special adj emphasis n
2178 special adj issue n
2179 special adj relationship n
2180 special adj status n
2181 specific adj area n

PTE Academic collocation

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
2182 specific adj aspect n
2183 specific adj case n
2184 specific adj characteristic n
2185 specific adj context n
2186 specific adj example n
2187 specific adj factor n
2188 specific adj feature n
2189 specific adj focus n
2190 specific adj form n
2191 specific adj function n
2192 specific adj information n
2193 specific adj issue n
2194 specific adj knowledge n
2195 specific adj meaning n
2196 specific adj needs n
2197 specific adj problem n
2198 specific adj purpose n
2199 specific adj question n
2200 specific adj reference n
2201 specific adj sense n
2202 specific adj type n
2203 (be) specifically adv designed vpp (to, for)
2204 standard adj approach n
2205 standard adj error n
2206 standard adj format n
2207 standard adj method n
2208 stark adj contrast n
2209 start (a) v process n
2210 state v explicitly adv
2211 state n sector n
2212 statistical adj analysis n
2213 statistical adj data n
2214 statistical adj information n
2215 statistical adj method n
2216 statistical adj significance n
2217 statistical adj technique n
2218 statistical adj test n
2219 statistically adv significant adj
2220 store v data n
2221 store v information n
2222 strategic adj decision n
2223 strategic adj importance n
2224 strategic adj management n
2225 strategic adj objective n
2226 strategic adj planning n
2227 stress n level n
2228 striking adj contrast n
2229 striking adj example n
2230 striking adj feature n
2231 strong adj bond n
2232 strong adj correlation n
2233 strong adj emphasis n
2234 strong adj evidence n
2235 strong adj link n
2236 strong adj reaction n
2237 strong adj relationship n
2238 strong adj tendency n
2239 strongly adv agree v
2240 (be) strongly adv associated vpp (with)

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