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PTE Academic reading re order practice test 36

PTE Academic reading re order practice test

PTE Academic reading re order practice test.The text below have been placed in a random order. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the  choices given to construct a paragraph.


A.According to geologists, the Great Salt Lake (Utah, USA) is a remnant of a once much larger lake named Lake Bonneville that has since largely evaporated away.

B.When the first American settlers reached the shore of the Great Salt Lake in the middle of the 19th century.

C.At that time, the acceptance of the Biblical deluge as a real and historical event was as universal as the flood itself was believed to be, among the educated and uneducated alike.

D.The currently accepted explanation of the Great Salt Lake’s formation is much more prosaic.

E.Many of them believed that this vast inland sea was a remnant of the floodwaters that had swept across the whole Earth in the Great Deluge.

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A.Optimistic scientists like myself will interpret this as meaning that our best work is yet to come. There’s nothing like a scientific result to sustain our unscientific fantasies.

B.A recent paper in Science by Roberta Sinatra from the Central European University Budapest and colleagues from across the US and Europe sustains my dream.

C.Both the first and the last paper in a physicist’s career are equally likely to be their best.

D.But, of course, the findings could also mean that our best is already behind us.

E.It examined the publication records of more than 230,000 physicists from 1893 to 2010 and found that the highest impact paper for Nobel Laureates could happen at any time in their career.


A.They were discovered by Phil C. Orr, curator of anthropology and natural history at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History

B.In 1959, the partial skeletal remains of an ancient woman estimated to be 10,000 years old.

C.The remains of the so-called Arlington Springs woman were recently reanalyzed by the latest radiocarbon dating techniques and were found to be approximately 13,000 years old.

D.The new date makes her remains older than any other known human skeleton found so far in North America.

E.Remains were unearthed in Arlington Springs on Santa Rosa Island, one of the eight Channel Islands off the southern California coast.

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1. B,E,C,D,A 2.B,E,C,A,D 3.B,E,A,C,D

PTE Academic reading re order practice test




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7 thoughts on “PTE Academic reading re order practice test 36

    1. Hi Admin,

      The same old question, how can we determine (in 3rd question) that Sentence A should come after Sentence E (BEACD) and not in the last (BECDA) as it doesn’t have any reference to any of the rest four Sentences ?

  1. please help me to answer correctly re arrange paragraph… how much ever i am following the technique or hints or what ever it may…. im unable to give one correct answer also.please request u to help me

  2. When you post some material please try to give justification to the answers to get some clear idea. Its really hard to understand some of the questions.

  3. Here is a trick for struggling people.

    Read a sentence and write on paper in your language (just hints)
    Write all the sentences and read the hints you have written.
    Very easy to match the flow of the paragraph.
    You will be surprised to see the results. KEY is to practice using the tip!!

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