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PTE Academic describe image model answers exercise 14

PTE Academic describe image model answers exercise

PTE Academic describe image model answers exercise. PTE Academic speaking describe image practice exercise.Look at the images below and describe in detail what the image is showing.You will have 25 seconds to describe image.


Model Answer 

The chart below shows the amount of time that 10 to 15-year-olds spend chatting on the Internet and playing on games consoles on an average school day in the UK.

Boys aged between 10 and 15 clearly favour playing on games consoles over chatting online. According to the chart, while 85% of boys play computer games every day, only 55% chat online daily. Furthermore, the majority of boys play on their consoles for more than one hour each day, and 10% do this activity for four hours or more.

By contrast, girls prefer chatting online. Close to 70% of 10 to 15-year-old girls engage in online conversation each day, compared to about 50% of this cohort who play computer games. Of the girls who do play on consoles, most of them play for less than an hour, whereas most girls who chat online do so for more than one hour, and nearly 10% chat for four hours or more.

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Graph Model Answer 

The chart compares call duration among 3 types of local call, national & international call and mobile phone call in Uk between 1995 and 2002.

It is clear from the chart that the total number of minutes of local line was much higher compared with the figure for two other types and fluctuated over the period shown while total time using national and international and mobile phone lines increased year-by-year. There was small number of calls by mobile phone during almost years.

PTE Academic describe image model answers exercise




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