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PTE Academic sample essay climate as field of study

climate essay

You are given climate as the field of study. Which area will you prefer? Explain why you picked up the particular area for your study?

Sample Answer:

Global warming is at its peak, and its evolution has brought some drastic, nasty climate change around the world. Climate is an assorted field to study which has areas like Climatology, Meteorology, Solar physics, Oceanography, and Global change biology. The major area which should be studied is Global change biology.

Global change biology solely covers research in conservation biology, environmental sciences, and ecology. It is the best pick of a study area as it digs deep understanding effects of climate change on ecology. Climate can get brutal, and its consequences have to be faced by habitat and organisms living in it. Ecology studies interaction of organisms with environment and conservation biology manages nature to protect species, ecosystem, and their habitat.

Climate change in the recent years was miserable and forced many species to get extinct. The greenhouse effect rose earth’s temperature causing glaciers meltdown all over the planet. Summers are getting hotter, and winters do not last a month. Global change biology studies all environmental changes and marks all imbalances on the radar. It also helps to understand future of ecology and how species about to get extinct can be restored.

The climate’s wrath can be diminished if we understand the significance of global change biology. It can help us to restore our lost ecosystem and inform future challenges which could be faced by the ecology. This area of study will manage most of the existing ecosystem and reduce the damage caused to our environment.

To conclude, Global change biology is a vast area to study and sets a basic foundation for us to understand the secrets of habitat and species living in it.


Another Sample essay

Studying climate as a field of study will be much more interesting . The reasons for the same are explained below.
I would like study the area of my city ie New Delhi , the national capital of my country India . The climatic conditions are very severe. The summers are hot and humid and the maximum temperature here reaches to almost 50 degree celsius in May and June . The summers stretch for almost eight months in a year starting from March while the winters here are for approximately three months from December to February. In winters the maximum temperature goes beyond 2 degree celsius sometimes. There is scarcity of rain and it becomes havoc for the life of farmers here.

Concurrently, Delhi has been known for its burgeoning population and traffic congestion . The carbon emissions from the motor vehicles and cars further affects the global warming of the region. In addition to this, the capital is a embodiment of industrialized economy and with this, the new industries have added up to water pollution. The sewage wastes and effluents have rather made the pristine Yamuna river a bane for people and farmers.Thus the environmental conditions are very adverse and have affected the Amazon basin extensively.The detrimental effects of both the climatic conditions with population explosion have made the epitome of integrity , cultural heritage and nationality a disgrace for foreign visitors.

With this study ,I can evaluate the causes and effects for the environmental exploitation and can address the issues to the people and government to take some serious actions towards it .




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4 thoughts on “PTE Academic sample essay climate as field of study

  1. it has asked the area which you would like to study which is missing in the answer. However, you have described the solutions for the change in climate and what needs to be done .

  2. all resources online regarding this question are bullshit. The author only use the template but not answering the question

  3. One of the most conspicuous trends of today’s world colossal upsurge in global warming. Climate is not the same as it was one hundred years ago. There is a widespread worry that this would lead to a myriad of problems if proper preventive actions are not taken. I would like to study in the field of Global Warming and will discuss the reasons for selecting this area for my studies.
    Global Warming is a serious issue in our climate change, which is going to affect our future generations. There is very limited knowledge about this in our general public. Even today majority of people think that Global Warming means that earth is getting warmer but in actual, this is not the only explanation. Infect, this means that we are destroying natural protector of Earth which is Ozone. If Ozone layer gets thin or destroyed earth will come under direct impact of harmful rays and radiation from the sun and will be destroyed in days , it is said same happen to Mars billion of years ago. If we will not know the reasons why Ozone is dipliecating , we will end up in Myriad of problems , right now we have time to research and found a solution, that is why we need to act now.
    Although 19th and 20th century is the century of the industrial revolution but everything comes with a cost and at the moment the cost is our future. We don’t know which chemicals and gases are destroying our climate and becoming a reason for Global Warming. At the moment we know Carbon dioxide is one reason which has been released in immense quantities in our atmosphere but Carbon dioxide is not the only factor there are other reason which are destroying our climate such as plastic and even many more which we don’t know. Why ozone is getting destroyed our Antarctic? There are no industries are human population.
    To conclude , there are lot of questions for which we don’t have an answer at the moment and secondly this is the future of earth so I would prefer to study global warming to help earth to maintain the climate and secure our future generations.

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