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PTE Academic speaking describe image tips for easy explanation

PTE Academic
PTE Describe image tips

For people  who are facing hard time in describe image

Practice is the Key. For describing an image. You should memorize the start up words like:
This graph shows —–
This picture shows —-
This image reflects —-

Keep in mind you just have to tell the key points of the image/picture/graph, NOT everything, because time is short. It will be like 2 steps:

Tell about the main purpose/title of the image. Then Key points only. You will be scored on all this. You can even, during Practice prepare and memorize the main Script having fill in the blanks. This main script should be developed like you are a teacher in a classroom and you have to teach about an image in 3 minutes. The main problem is flow of words while looking at the image. So if u are already trained to speak out quickly these words such as, increasing, declining, trend, development, growth, margins, profits, loss etc then it will be easy for you to speak in flow while describing everything or most of the things in an image.





PTE Describe image vocabulary

Please understand that we are not expected to explain the whole graph in 40 secs. It is highly impossible. They check whether our speech is naturally flowing and are we able to convey the information effectively. Here slow and steady wins the race. We should be clearly speaking with optimal pace. Never rush to tell all the information. This might penalize you on pronunciation, meaning computer might not be able to correctly capture all your words.
1. Introduction:
The graph shows/displays the number of ITunes songs bought …,
In this graph, we can see the number of ITunes songs purchased …,
The photo/image shows a (scene, buildings, place) from a distance

The information indicates…, From the chart/graph…, We can conclude that…

You should include an introduction, a main body and a conclusion in your description
If you lack points to speak, speaking something like, “It is really interesting to know this information” or something of this sort.


Describe image tips | PTE describe image vocabulary

Please assure to get the pronunciation right, Below are some frequently wrong pronounce words
Absence , Address, advice , all, right , arctic ,beginning, believe , bicycle, broccoli ,bureau calendar , camaraderie ,ceiling, cemetery, changeable, conscientious , conscious decease , deceive ,definite, descent , desperate ,device , disastrous, ecstasy , embarrass, exercise , fascinate , February, fiery ,fluorescent, foreign, government , grateful , guarantee, harass, height, humorous ,independent, jealous ,jewelry ,judgment ketchup ,knowledge, leisure ,library, license, maintenance, mathematics, mediocre millennium, miniature, miscellaneous, mischievous, misspell, mysterious, necessary neighbor, nuclear ,occasion ,occurrence, odyssey, piece ,pigeon ,playwright, precede prejudice, privilege ,pumpkin, raspberry, receive, rhythm, sacrilegious, science ,scissors separate, sincerely ,special, thorough ,through ,truly ,until ,Wednesday , weird.


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