PTE Academic speaking short question answer practice sample 2

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PTE Academic speaking short question answer practice sample


  1. Properties inherited from one’s father- patrimony


  1. One who loves his/ her country?

– Patriot


The right answer is patriot


  1. Payment made in consideration of past service – pension


  1. One who looks on the dark side of things?


– Optimist

The correct answer is pessimist


  1. Lover of mankind-philanthropist


  1. Study of stamp collection

– Philately


The correct answer is philately


  1. Study of words and their roots- philology


  1. The study of sound
  2. A) Phonetics
  3. B) Acoustics
  4. C) all of the above

Correct answer is (c)


  1. The study of the body- physiology


  1. One who leads others- pioneer?


  1. One who copies from other writers?


– Cheater


The correct answer is plagiarist


  1. A government by the rich




The correct answer id= plutocracy


  1. The practice of having many wives- polygamy


  1. One who know many languages

– Polyglot



The correct answer is polyglot


  1. A figure with many angles or sides-polygon


  1. A place where ships seek shelter- port


  1. A book published after the death of its author



-post publish

The correct answer is posthumous

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  1. Medical examination of a dead body-postmortem
  2. A short message added on to the end of a letter after the signature-postscript
  3. Water fit for drinking-potable
  4. An animal that preys on other animals-predator
  5. To form an opinion against anybody baselessly- prejudice
  6. Tendency to quarrel

-hot tempered


The correct answer is pugnacity

PTE Academic speaking short question answer practice

pte academic speaking


  1. One who is particular about the purity of one’s language-purist?


  1. The study of ancient societies





Answer: archeology


A person of good understanding knowledge and reasoning power





Answer: intellectual


What is the list of the business or subjects to be considered at a meeting called-

Answer: agenda


One who possesses many talent is referred as:

Answer: versatile


A person who is above hundred years – centenarian


A cinema which is held in the afternoon – matinee

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A flesh-eating plant – carnivores


A game in which no one wins – draw


A life history written by oneself –autobiography


A person who always thinks of himself –self centered /egoist


A person with evil reputation – notorious


A paper written by hand is known as-





Answer: manuscript

detailed plan of a journey-


Travel kit



Answer: itinerary


The environment related to organisms is called as-


PTE Academic speaking short question answer

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