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PTE Academic writing sample essay air travel benefits rich people

air travel

Air travel can only benefit the richest people in the world. Ordinary people can get no advantage with the development of air travel. To what extent do you agree or disagree?


I disagree with the statement that air travel has advantages only for the wealthiest people and there are no benefits for the vast majority of the middle and lower class people. I shall put forth my arguments to support my views in the following essay.


There is no doubt that a few years ago, air travel was only for the upper strata of society. However, nowadays, most of the airline companies are offering economy class tickets which are affordable by the common man. On top of that, they have schemes by which if one buys a ticket well in advance then the cost of ticket is even lower. So, the given statement is not justified in today’s scenario.

Even if we go with the notion that only the rich can travel by air, then also the ordinary man is benefitted in various ways. When rich tourists come to visit a place, they spend a lot in hotels, tourist places and also in the shopping centres from where they buy souvenirs. Many people are employed in the tourism industry. Even if they cannot travel themselves, their source of income is directly or indirectly dependent on these tourists who travel by air. For example, in India, during the tourist season, many guides, rickshaw wallas, and taxi drivers earn enough to last them a whole year.

Moreover, it is a well-known fact that, as tourists come, the governments spend on infrastructures such as stadiums roads and hotels. All these are used by the common man. Finally, the common man gets an opportunity for cultural exchange even without himself traveling by air. When other people come he learns about their culture and gives them the good points of his culture.

Summing up, air travel benefits all people and not just the most affluent.


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3 thoughts on “PTE Academic writing sample essay air travel benefits rich people

  1. It is true that air travel is well known with luxurious trip. It becomes the most expensive tour because it uses plane which has modern technology and high speed. Some people assume that majority of people get no advantage from air travel. While there are some good reasons why this is the case, I believe that it only gives advantages for richest people.

    Most of poor or middle economic level society almost never use air travel when they want to go somewhere. They prefer to use land or sea transportation to do their trip, such as bus, car, motorcycle, train, and car. The main reason they cannot enjoy air travel because the price of ticket is very expensive. It is totally different with other transportation’s price that are usually cheap. Although sometimes air plane companies offer discount or promo, majority of people are still difficult to try. They have to save money for several months to buy plane ticket. Ticket promotion also has tight requirement and publishing, so only a few people know about discount or promotion information. That is why majority people do not get benefits from air travel.

    On the other hand, air plane gives more advantages for richest people. It has good service, convenient seat, high technology machine, expensive fuel, and routine treatment. They proves that air travel is very expensive. People usually use a plane for long trip and business activity. Although it has a high price, I think it is comparable with service that is offered by companies. The most advantage from air travel is effectivity and efficiency for time. Using plane makes the journey shorter than using land transportation. Only ordinary people who has high salary who can use air travel,such as the President, Minister, and Businessman.

    In conclusion,there are convincing arguments both for and against who can use air travel, but I believe that market segmentation for it is the richest people.

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