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PTE Academic writing  summarize written text

Read the passages below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish each  task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage. 

1.Costa Ricans, as any other people, are complex and full of surprises. Racially speaking, the country is one of the most homogeneous of the region. Costa Ricans don’t like to consider themselves as racists, but they also enjoy talking about their unique whiteness, when compared to other Latin American countries. The 1989 census classified 98% of the people as white and 2% as black or indigenous. Even though racial problems don’t exist to the extent that they do in the U.S. or in some European countries, some Ticos look down upon darker-skinned people. However, racial confrontations are extremely rare and prejudice, even though it exists, is displayed in indirect and careful ways.
Costa Rica is also homogeneous when it comes to social classes. Most of the population can be placed in a middle-class, and even though extreme poverty exists, it’s not as large a problem as it is in other Latin countries. By the standards of a developed country, Costa Rican incomes are very low, but when compared to other neighbours, salaries and earnings prove to be much better. Besides the poor and middle classes, there is an upper class, which is very elitist. Even with the existence of extremely rich or poor individuals, Costa Rican society is composed mostly by a middle-class, which causes the impression of class and social homogeneity.

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2.It is natural to be healthy, but we have wandered so far astray that disease is the rule and good health the exception. Of course, most people are well enough to attend to their work, but nearly all are suffering from some ill, mental or physical, acute or chronic, which deprives them of a part of their power. There is too much illness, too much suffering and too many premature deaths. We are losing every year a vast army of individuals who are in their productive prime. The average individual is of less value to himself, to his family and to society than he could be. His bad habits, of which he is often not aware, have brought weakness and disease upon him. These conditions prevent him from doing his best mentally and physically.
This abnormal condition has a bad effect upon his descendants, who may not be born with any special defects, but have less resistance at birth than is their due, and consequently fall prey to disease very easily. This state of impaired resistance has been passed on from generation to generation, and we of today are passing it on as a heritage to our children. Yet it is within the power of each individual to prolong his life beyond what is now considered old age. Barring accidents, which should be less numerous when people fully realize that unreasonable haste and speed are wasteful and that life is more valuable than accumulated wealth, human life could and should be a certainty

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3.A community or a social group sustains itself through continuous self-renewal, and this renewal takes place by means of the educational growth of the immature members of a group. By various agencies, unintentional and designed, a society transforms uninitiated and seemingly alien beings into robust trustees of its own resources and ideals.  Education is thus a fostering, a nurturing, a cultivating and a process.
Since what is required is a transformation of the quality of experience, till it partakes in the interests, purposes, and ideas current in the social group, the problem is evidently not one of mere physical forming. Beliefs and aspirations cannot be physically extracted and inserted. The required beliefs cannot be hammered in; the needed attitudes cannot be plastered on. But the particular medium in which an individual exists leads him to see and feel one thing rather than another; it leads him to have certain plans in order that he may act successfully with others; it strengthens some beliefs and weakens others as a condition of winning the approval of others. Thus it gradually produces in him a certain system of behaviour, a certain disposition of action. The word “environment” denotes something more than surroundings that encompass an individual.



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30 thoughts on “PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs 6

  1. (1) Costa Ricans is one of most homogeneous country where all types of people live together either white or black, rich or poor; irrespective of their problems in terms of racism and income inequality as compared to other neighboring developed countries.

    (2) It is very significant to maintain our natural health by keeping away numerous diseases and illness by putting our hard efforts in today’s fast and furious life for ourselves as well as for sustainability and resistance power of our next generations instead of spending more and more time either for career or for work.

    (3) The sustainability and improvement of a community or a social group mainly depends on the growth of education coupled with transformation of quality experiences into the group, helpful nature and problem solving approach of group members without hurting the feeling of each other.

  2. Any social group could adopt the transformation only if the members are learning continuously and taking initiatives. Hence to nurture and cultivate such group, Education acts as main driving force.
    Such an environment helps individual to perceive things and act accordingly hence it improves his behavioural skills which helps him in growing gradually.

    1. Don’t use full stops in summarize written should use conjunctions and try completing summary in single sentence.

      1. ok. thanks.
        For the devlopement of a community, educational growth of the members of that community is extremely crucial and the environment educates individual enormously to improves his behavioural skills to grow gradually.

      2. Though extreme poverty exists in Costa Rica most of the people fall under middle class which causes the impression of social homogeneity.

  3. Costa Rican’s is known to be a social class of individual’s, even though their incomes are low most of them are settled in middle class, which gives the richness of class and homogeneity.

  4. We need to understand that the bad habits which we have and those we pass it to our children as a heritage have brought weakness and diseases in us and have prevented us to do good things mentally as well as physically.

  5. 1.Though Costa Rica is considered to be a homogeneous country in the region as compared to other Latin America countries, but there exists a minor variation in racism, socialism and financial status of the people which is mostly neglected during the comparison.

  6. 2.Human being can lead a lengthy and healthy life beyond its expectations by avoiding bad habits causing diseases & ensuring accident free environment which in turn affect our future generation in manifolds.

  7. 3.Sustainability of any social group is only possible by continual educational developments of the members of the group which helps to develop positive attitudes, beliefs, trust and feeling of togetherness in an ideal environment.

  8. Costa Ricans is consider as one of the homogeneous country , not only by region but also as social class, they refer themselves different from Latin Americans and Costa Rican society consist of mostly Middle class people but there are some upper class peoples as well.

  9. 1. Costa Ricans is one of the most homogeneous country, regardless of their problems in terms of racism and income inequality as compared to neighboring developed countries.

  10. 2. Nowadays, people spend too much time on workplace, although its pivotal to maintain a good health, which in turn put a bad effect on the future generations.

  11. Generally, the sustainability and development of a community not only depends on the educational growth of group members but also on the quality of experience, beliefs and purposes as well as problem solving and helpful nature of individual person.

  12. According to the passage, the people living in Costa Ricans consider themselves as non-racist; but few of them still shows the difference between white and black;though the income is very less when compared to other nations, we can find the different section of peoples.

    It is observed that average lifespan of a person is reduced drastically to the bad health and unhealthy lifestyle and this will impact the future generation children; hence, people should concentrate more on their health than wealth.

  13. The country Costa Rica consists of the uniform mixture of citizens with very few variance in social classes and negligible racial discrimination among their residents, which takes pleasure speaking their original complexion.

  14. Hi mate, please give me some remarks on my response:

    Except for extreme cases, the middle-class and white people comprise the major ethnic groups in Costa Rica, where racism still exists in an imperceptible manner.

    Thank you,

  15. 1)Costa Rica consist of white dominated people and middle-class society,which does not indulge in any racial discrimination and they have better living condition ,high income and social homogeneity than the neighbouring Latin country.

  16. 3)Education plays a vital role in fostering and nurturing the talent of budding team member,by making them aspirational,pratical,rational and focused in achieving their goal,which helps the community to retain it standard.

  17. Most of the Costa Ricans are middle class and have the homogenous society, they rarely have racial confrontations compared to the US and European conuntries

  18. 1. Cost Ricans characterized by homogeneous, despite the skin color or social classes; however, racial conflicts are extremely rare and handled in peaceful ways.

    2. Bad habits have brought weakness and disease to many persons which badly affect his descendants and could impact next generations where they born with impaired resistance.

    3. Self-renewal is the best way to develop any community which takes place through educational growth, where the environment gradually strengthens some beliefs and weakness others of immature members.

  19. costa ricans,a white people homogenous country,is devoid of any racial discrimination, where natives mainly belongs to middle class families having sound economic status as compared to other neighbour countries.

    1. Preferring work upon health, gives birth to many diseases, that are silent killers and can be easily transferable to next generations,although, nowadays people are enough aware about value of life and etiology of every health issue they face, but sadly,they still ignore their health and put their life in danger to live a fast and successful life.

  20. When compared to the US and some European countries, Costa Rica has less racism and a higher difference in salary, on the other hand when compared to neighboring counties it as far better economy and less racism, which gives it homogenous status.

  21. The value of a life should be properly recognized and everyone should realize that it is not worth taking unreasonable haste and speed, as this not only impacts current generation but also impacts future generations.

  22. Beliefs and attitude cannot be implemented in any individual, as this comes from the environment around that individual through a gradual learning and eventually that enables the individual to act successfully.

  23. 1) Costa Rica has majority white population and is a homogeneous middle class society having better incomes than its neighbouring Latin American countries.
    2) Bad habits adopted by our ancestors have been passed on as hereditary to future generations resulting in reduced resistance, lifespan and increased diseases.
    3) ‘Environment’ is not just surroundings of an individual but also encompasses his beliefs,attitudes and behavior that is transformed through his education.

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