PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs 12


PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs.Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the box at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs

1.There are basically two types of auctions: ascending-bid auctions and descending-bid auctions. Ascending-bid auctions start out with a low bid for an object. The price of the object is gradually raised until only one bidder remains. By contrast, descending-bid auctions start out with a high bid and the price is progressively lowered until a customer expresses a willingness to purchase the object. Both procedures have a number of variants. For example, in some types of auctions a professional auctioneer declares the suggested bids. In other types of auctions, however, the customers make their own bids. Another variant, used at places such as eBay or Yahoo Auction, is called a “buyout option”. A high price for an item is declared. Anyone willing to pay that price is guaranteed a purchase. This variant seems to appeal consumers who dislike uncertainty: for a fixed price they are guaranteed an object. “Buyout options” are most commonly used if the seller has a stock of several copies of the same item.

2.New Caledonia a cluster of islands in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It is some 1,500 km east of Australia and the same distance north of New Zealand, just north of the Tropic of Capricorn. The main island, known as Grand Terre, is home to over 160,000 people – over 80% of the population of this French colony.

New Caledonia’s economy is based mainly on tourism and mining. About 25% of the world’s known nickel resources are found in New Caledonia. There are also significant deposits of cadmium, gold, and silver. In recent decades, the mining industry has been down and tourism is an becoming increasingly integral part of the economy. The islands attracts many wind surfers, scuba divers, and snorkelers.

The capital city, Noumea, has a distinctly French ambience and offers many shops, museums, and restaurants with various French, Indonesian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Japanese food. The botanical and zoological gardens in Noumea are first rate. The Noumea Aquarium, which is renowned for its tropical fish, fluorescent corals and nautili, is also worth seeing.

A range of accommodations are available throughout the territory. You five-star hotels/resorts or simple tribal lodgings in Melanesian villages. Though French is the official language island there are about 30 local languages, English is also widely spoken in areas which are heavily touristed.

3.Marriage, socially sanctioned union that reproduces the family. In all societies the choice of partners is generally guided by rules of exogamy (the obligation to marry outside a group); some societies also have rules of endogamy (the obligation to marry within a group). These rules may be prescriptive or, as in the case of the incest taboo, proscriptive; they generally apply to kinship groups such as clan or lineage; residential groups; and social groups such as the ethnic group, caste, or class.

Marriage is usually heterosexual and entails exclusive rights and duties of sexual performance, but there are instructive exceptions. For example, Nayar women of India would ritually marry men of a superior caste, have numerous lovers, and bear legitimate children. Among the Dahomey of West Africa, one woman could marry another; the first woman would be the legal “father” of the children (by other men) of the second. These examples highlight the functions of marriage to reproduce both a domestic division of labor and social relationships between different groups. Such functions are served even by the more common type of marriage, the union of one or more men with one or more women.

In most societies men and women are valued for their different roles in the household economy. Marriage therefore often occasions other economic exchanges. If a woman’s labor is highly valued, a man may be required to offer valuable goods (bride-price) or his own labor (bride-service) to his wife’s family. If a man’s labor is more highly valued, the bride’s family may offer goods (dowry) to the husband or his family.

4.Body-marking, painting, tattooing, or scarification (cutting or burning) of the body for ritual, aesthetic, medicinal, magic, or religious purposes. Evidence from prehistoric burials, rock carvings, and paintings indicates that body-marking existed in ancient times; ethnographic studies show that it is still practiced today. Markings may indicate religious dedication or alliance with a particular god; they may also serve as protection against some evil such as a disease, as identification with a certain group, such as the tribe, or as evidence of personal rank or status within the group. Among examples of the widespread custom of painting the body are the red ocher found in prehistoric burial sites, the blue woad of the ancient Britons, kohl used in Asia to enhance the beauty of the eyes, the use of henna on the fingernails in the Middle East, and the war paint of some Native Americans. The tattoo is an extension of the practice. Scarification was used in ancient times as a property mark for slaves and more recently in Europe and elsewhere, until the latter part of the 19th cent., for the identification of criminals. Besides being employed for magical or ritual purposes, scarification has also been used for its supposed curative powers. The forms used in Africa include stretched lips and earlobes, filed teeth, and flattened skulls.

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs





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  1. Hi hotshot24,
    Thanks for the practice material you provide.
    Can you please check the summary I have written:

    1. Ascending-bid auctions starts with low bid which gets raised until one bidder is left, whereas descending-bid auctions starts with high price which decreases gradually until a customer is willing to buy it, moreover “buyout option”is commonly used where consumers guaranteeed a purchase for a high price declared for the seller.

    2. New Caledonia is a cluster of islands in east Australia consisting 80% population of French colony where economy is based on tourism and mining and is also famous for water sports, Moreover, Noumea is a capital which is famous for botonical and zoological gardens and offers range of accommodations.

    3. Marriage is generally guided by rules of exogamy and endogamy by different societies, moreover, marriage is heterosexual and have rights for sexual performance which can be limited by instructive exceptions and many societies values men and women for different roles in household economy by adjusting the dowry and bride-service.

    4. Body-marking, paintings and tattooing was practiced in ancient times where markings indicate religious dedication and also serve protection against evil, whereas scarification was used for criminal marks and also for its curative powers in different forms in Africa.

  2. The two type of auctions,ascending bid,which starts with low bid and increases gradually and descending bid,starting with high bid and progressively decreasing,have myriad of variants but the most commonly used method is buyout option.

  3. 1. Auctions are mainly categorized into ascending-bid and descending-bid with multiple variations in them like bids by professional auctioneers, bids by customers and buyout options as examples.
    2. New Caledonia is a collection of islands located in the North East of Australia and New Zealand, having its economy mainly dependent on travel and mining industry and with French as its official language with 30 other native languages.

  4. In past body-marking, painting , tatooing or sacrification was commonly practiced different parts of the world as it indicate religious dedication however today, sacrification is used as criminal marks.

  5. 1. Auctions are mainly categorized into ascending-bid and descending-bid, Ascending-bid auctions start out with low bid and gradually increase until only one bidder remains whereas descending-bid auctions start out with high bid and price is progressively lowered until customer express a willingness to buy, both auctions have number of variants however “buyout options” are most commonly used if seller have stocks of same item.

    2.New Caledonia island known as Grand Terre is situated in east of Australia and north of New Zealand having 80% French population where economy is depend on tourism and mining and 25% world’s known nickel resources are found here, island attracts water sports as tourist attraction and have range of accommodations and restaurants like French, Chinese, Italian etc.

    3.New Caledonia island known as Grand Terre is situated in east of Australia and north of New Zealand having 80% French population where economy is depend on tourism and mining and 25% world’s known nickel resources are found here, island attracts water sports as tourist attraction and have range of accommodations and restaurants like French, Chinese, Italian etc.

    4.Body marking, tattooing or scarification was practised in ancient times for religious and spiritual activities like protection from evil and still practiced today whereas scarification is used is used as marking of slave and for identification of criminals in late 19th century and besides that scarification is also used for curative powers.

  6. New Caledonia is mainly French speaking ,but, multilingual, group of islands in southwestern pacific ocean blessed with several metals, great tourism attraction and provides numerous accommodations with its capital offering variety of food, biological gardens and a renowned aquarium.

  7. New Caledonia is a country of a combination of severel islands where the main island is called Grand Terre; it is worth mentioning that the tourism is the key industry nowadays though the mining was popular in the past; moreover, The Noume, the capital of the islands has a lot of attractions to people and has various resources while the official language is becoming french; however, there are few others dialects including English.

  8. According to the ethnographic studies, the body-making such as painting, tattooing and scarification has been there in ancient time for different purposes whereas red ocher blue woad kohl, the use of henna and war paint were the most popular examples; moreover, the Africa has used different means such as stretched lips and earlobes, filed teeth and flattened skulls.

  9. While there are two main types of Auctions such as Ascending-bid and Descending-bid, both have different procedures in terms of who bids first, that is a professional auctioneer or the customer; however, ‘buyout option’, is the widely used method among sellers who has a stock of the same items.

  10. There are ascending bid auction, where the prices start at a low bid and descending bid auctions, where the price start at high and another variant used is the buyout options where fixed price guarantees a purchase.

  11. Auctions have two types, ascending-bid auctions which starts from the low bid price and goes up until the last person remains, whereas descending-bid auctions where it starts with high bid price and lowered down progressively, and that auctions comes with various variants such as ‘Buyout options’.

  12. New Caledonia is a French colony once known for the mining but now tourism industries has picked and attracts many tourist for water sports activities, moreover its capital has range of hotels, restaurants, shops, public attraction and their multilingual culture has made tourism as a main contributor of their economy.

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