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PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs 28

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs. Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

PTE Academic writing summarize written text | Australia immigration paragraphs

1.Clearly Australia has a rich migration history. However attitudes to migration and particularly to the ideal source of migrants have changed considerably over these 218 years. The first migrants were decidedly involuntary, the convicts transported from Britain, Ireland and, to a lesser degree, other British colonies. Altogether 80,000 arrived in New South Wales between 1788 and 1840. From the 1830s they were joined by small numbers of voluntary migrants, again principally from Britain and Ireland. Some came under their own resources, others with assistance from one of the public or private schemes then available.

2.When the colonies federated in 1901, control of immigration changed. Instead of each colony managing its own system, the Commonwealth now oversaw recruiting and selection. Assisted passages were offered to encourage migration with priority still being given to the British and Irish. Despite comparatively large numbers of Chinese residents in Australia, the first legislation passed by the new parliament was the Immigration Restriction Act. Often referred to as the ‘White Australia policy’ this effectively banned Asian migration for the next fifty years. That same year the Federal Parliament passed the Pacific Islands Labourers Act to prohibit their employment as contract labourers and to deport those already here.

3.To date heritage in Rockdale has been represented by places from all historical periods up to the Second World War. The post- War period to the present is significantly under-represented. The community of Rockdale City has altered dramatically since the Second World War and is now home to a population of which 45% of people were born overseas. This population includes large Chinese, Greek, Macedonian, Lebanese, Italian, Egyptian, Bengali communities and many others. The multiplicity of places of worship, such as orthodox churches, mosques and temples, are the most recognisable expression of these cultures – less obvious is the cultural significance of the parks and reserves which also have a strong connection to the history of different migrant communities.

4.As the Australian interior was explored and mapped, squatters and free settlers followed, eager to take up land. Wherever Europeans went, Aboriginal people were pushed from their home lands. Governments wanted to protect Aboriginal people from settler violence. By the 1880s, many Australians believed that Aboriginal people were dying out. In 1788, there had been over 300,000 Aboriginal people in mainland Australia, but by 1888 there were an estimated 80,000. Colonial governments believed that the best way to help Aboriginal people was by a policy of ‘Protection’. This policy lasted from the 1880s to the 1930s. Aboriginal people were encouraged to live on government reserves and church missions far away from other Australians. They were given food, clothes, blankets and sometimes basic education. Squatters and settlers often used people from the reserves as cheap labour or, in some cases, as slaves.

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs

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6 thoughts on “PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample paragraphs 28

  1. Hi Admin, please rate the following summarize written text:

    1. Around 80,000 people from Britain, Ireland and British colonies were first moved to Australia during 1788 and 1840, whereas people joined in small groups from 1830’s by taking help from local public or by their own.

    2. Commonwealth took charge of recruiting and selection after colonies federated in 1901, they were encouraged for migrating British and Irish which banned Asians for 5 years after introducing Immigration Registration Act by the parliament.

    3. Rockdale is considered to be home of 45% of overseas born people since second world war and also have religious places to worship such as temples, mosques which had a strong link with the migrant communities.

    4. Aboriginals were forced out of their homes by the European squatters, causing a decrease in population from 300000 in 1780 to 80000 in 1888, which then protected by government by issuing policy under which they provide food, shelter and basic education.

  2. Thanks for the info. I am having a question regarding the length of the text. Will there be multiple paragraphs? what would be the word count for the paragraphs ?

    1. Hi Venkat

      There can be two paragraphs in exam and there is no such limit on word count for paragraphs.
      But the summary should not be more than 30 words.

  3. HELP
    There is a big confusion on Summarizing Written Text. The info i got from PTE-A Official Guide to PTE-A published in 2010 and revised in 2012 states max word count should be 30 and the same is validating by you also. Whereas, the officail web site of PTE says upto 75. I have sent email to PTE customer care but have no response till date.
    Moreover, different web site on PTE says 30 & 75 both.
    I am lost, which one to follow, after 20 hrs i am appering in the test.
    please help me out urgently.
    is this 30 word count is mentioned in the recently published official book ??

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