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PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample passages 26

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample passages

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample passages.Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

PTE Academic writing summarize written text | Australian sporting culture samples

1.The $29 million Pacific Sports Partnerships (PSP) program is Australia’s flagship sport for development program in the Pacific.Through PSP, Australia supports activities to address primary risk factors associated with non-communicable diseases, particularly physical inactivity, and address inequalities experienced by women, girls and people living with disability.

The PSP is delivered through partnerships between the Australian Government and Australian, regional and Pacific Island sports organisations. The PSP currently supports eleven sports across nine countries.

2.Australia has a remarkable international sporting pedigree and is internationally recognised as a consistent, high-performing sporting nation. Australia has potential to capitalise on its sporting credentials by engaging with neighbouring countries and achieving public diplomacy outcomes in the Indo–Pacific region and beyond.

Sport provides opportunities to develop people-to-people connections that promote partnerships of value between Australia and the region. This includes opportunities to inform, engage and influence key demographics, particularly youth, emerging leaders and women and girls.

3.Either as participants or as fans, team sport provides one of the best opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to come together. Fortunately, with four codes of professional football, three varieties of professional cricket, professional basketball, semi-professional baseball and semi-professional netball, Australia has arguably the most diverse professional sporting environment in the world.

It would be nice to say that Australians rejoice in their sporting multiculturalism and see it as a point of great national pride, but that would be against both the reality and human nature. Instead, Australians are prone to choose their passion and then ridicule those whose passions lay elsewhere.

4.First let’s look at the Australian sporting environment. If you’ve been to the MCG to watch an AFL match, or cricket test match, you will know the power of sitting in the stands of this grand colosseum watching the gladiators do battle below. The history oozes from every nook and cranny and you can hear the ghosts of legends past regaling you of their amazing feats from summers and winters long gone. Just as it does from the stands and social clubs at any suburban or country football ground across the country.

In country towns the football and netball club is often the social heart of the town. Many old timers connect the demise of their country town with when the footy club folded and there was nowhere to go on a Saturday afternoon – sport was THE social fabric of the town. In the city, going to the footy is still a key social activity, connecting friends, families and complete strangers. Seeing a grown man passionately hug a complete stranger when their underdog team beats the premiership favourites never gets old.

PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample passages

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3 thoughts on “PTE Academic writing summarize written text sample passages 26

  1. 1. PSP is Australia’s flagship sport which help to address risk factors link with non infectious diseases, ladies’ inequality and handicapped, whereby PSP now help eleven sports in nine countries.

    2. Australia is well known in sporting where it able to engage with neighboring countries and obtain public diplomacy outcomes which can promote interrelationship between Australia and the region.

  2. Hi Author, Please grade my summarize written text:

    1. Pacific Sports Partnerships is development program in the Pacific helps Australians with non-communicable diseases and physical disability, which is supported by Australian Government and Pacific Island sports organisations.

    2. Australia has potential as high-performing sporting nation by engaging with neighbouring countries through Indo-Pacific region which provides opportunity for people-to-people connections between Australia and the region.

    3. Team sports in Australia gives best opportunities for participants to come together with the most professional sporting environment and enjoying multiculturalism in sports by choosing their passion, however, laughing at those who are left with their passion.

    4. Australian sporting environment can be felt by watching a match at MCG where one can hear the extraordinary feats on every nook and by visiting any of the footy club of country towns connect one socially to friends and even strangers.

  3. 1.The PSP program is Australia’s flagship sport developed in pacific, for this Australia address the primary risk with noncommunicable diseases particularly physically disability in persons, finally, PSP supports eleven sports across 9 countries.
    2.Sports develop the communication between the people and increase the partnership between Australia and other regions, Australia has an international sporting pedigree, recognized as a high performing sporting nation and increases the diplomacy outcomes with the indo-pacific region.
    3.Team sport provides opportunities for people from different backgrounds, come together, but Australia had the most diverse professional sporting environment in the world, but it say that Australians rejoice their sporting multiculturalism, but it would be against with reality and human nature.
    4.The sport was the key social fabric of the town and connecting friends, families, and strangers,look at the Australian sporting environment, in MCG to watch an AFL match then we know the power of sitting and the history every nook.

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