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PTE Academic speaking read aloud passages 28

PTE Academic speaking read aloud passages

PTE Academic speaking read aloud passages.Look at the text below. In 40 seconds, you must read this text aloud as naturally and clearly as possible.

PTE Academic read aloud | Personal finance samples

1.Payroll employment is the number of jobs in the economy, determined by a survey of businesses. Household surveys generate estimates of employment and unemployment, which taken together represent the labor force, or workforce. The unemployment rate is the percentage of the workforce without a job. People who are not working and not seeking employment are not included in the workforce. Generally, the economy is improving when employment rises and unemployment falls.

2.Most bond funds have credit risk, which is the risk that companies or other issuers whose bonds are owned by the fund may fail to pay their debts ,including the debt owed to the holder of their bonds. Some funds have little credit risk, such as those that invest in insured bonds or U.S. Treasury bonds. But be careful: nearly all bond funds have interest rate risk, which means that the market value of the bonds they hold will go down when interest rates go up. Because of this, you can lose money in any bond fund, including those that invest only in insured bonds or Treasury bonds.

3.The increase in implementation costs is not the only price you pay for commission-based planning. You may also pay in the form of poor advice. After all, when a financial “adviser” earns most of his or her money as a financial salesperson, the product sales tend to drive the process. In the worst case scenario, the planning becomes nothing more than window dressing to attract clients for the real money-making business of selling products.

4.The concept of writing and depositing checks as a method of arranging payments soon spread to England and elsewhere, but not without resistance. Many people in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries still had doubts about trusting their hard-earned money to strangers and little pieces of paper. In the United States, checks are said to have first been used in 1681 when cash-strapped businessmen in Boston mortgaged their land to a “fund,” against which they could write checks.

PTE Academic speaking read aloud passages

5.Don’t give out any personal information, like account numbers and Social Security numbers, to anyone over the telephone unless you initiate the call and you know you’re dealing with a reputable organization or firm. A common telemarketing scheme is to get you on the phone, supposedly to discuss a gift you’ve “won,” but really to obtain your checking account information. If successful, this person can use the information to issue a bank draft that deducts funds from your account.

6.Comparing APRs may be an effective way to shop for a loan. However, you must compare similar loan products for the same loan amount. For example, compare two 30-year fixed rate loans for $100,000. Loan A, with an APR of 8.35%, is less costly than Loan B, with an APR of 8.56%, over the loan term. Before you decide on a loan, you should also consider the up-front cash you will be required to pay for each of the two loans.

7.Private mortgage insurance and government mortgage insurance protect the lender against default and enable the lender to make a loan which the lender considers a higher risk. Lenders often require mortgage insurance for loans where the down payment is less than 20% of the sales price. You may be billed monthly, annually, by an initial lump sum, or through some combination of these practices for your mortgage insurance premium.

PTE Academic speaking read aloud passages


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