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PTE exam-summarize written text practice paragraphs 85

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish each passage.Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.


Indonesia after the departure of President Suharto is a turbulent, troubled place. Modest political freedoms have been conceded by Habibie, his successor, but these have taken place at a time of unimaginable economic hardship. Political parties are being formed – there are now over 60 of them. Workers have some rights – so long desired, so long suspended – to organise. But these small advances are in danger of being overtaken by unemployment, poverty and hunger in the wake of the devaluation of the rupiah by 80 per cent and the shrinking of the Indonesian economy this year by at least 15 percent.

Jakarta has been made a restless, volatile place. There are daily demonstrations, incidents: students demand the ousting of Habibie, who is seen as the defender of the Suharto legacy; workers protest at price rises which make one meal a day a luxury; the unemployed desperately seek some work for themselves in the formal economy. In front of the Aryaduta Hotel hundreds of young men, working for money-changers, stop passing cars with the promise of 11,000 rupiahs to the US dollar. Elsewhere, at traffic lights, boys in ragged jeans and coloured bandannas sing to cheap guitars while children stand in the swirling exhaust fumes offering comics, lighters, cigarettes, from nine in the morning till seven at night, for the sake of a dollar. At one point, jobs were disappearing in Jakarta at the rate of 15,000 a day. No industry is unaffected. Only the machines in the garment factories are still humming away making cheap clothing for export.

2.Business activities are becoming increasingly global as numerous firms expand their operations into overseas markets. Many U.S. firms, for example, attempt to tap emerging markets by pursuing business in China, India, Latin America, and Russia and other Eastern European countries. Multinational corporations, which operate in more than one country at once, typically move operations to wherever they can find the least expensive labor pool able to do the work well. Production jobs requiring only basic or repetitive skills such as sewing or etching computer chips are usually the first to be moved abroad. Multinational corporations can pay these workers a fraction of what they would have to pay in a domestic division, and often work them longer and harder.

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 PTE exam-summarize written text practice paragraphs





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11 thoughts on “PTE exam-summarize written text practice paragraphs 85

  1. Business nowadays are becoming in demand around the world,also several countries make a business production in which they produce it in the markets for lower costs.

  2. Death of President Suharto hit the Indonesia economy badly making employment sector in Jakarta even worser with 15,000 job loss a day but export industry still intact.

  3. Effect of Globalization can be viewed in Multinational Corporations that can now operate from anywhere in the world in order to get more work at comparatively lesser labor cost than the domestic one.

  4. 1-due to political change, the economical situation goes more worse, no jobs, everyone is demostrating but textile industry still leading thearket.

  5. Indonesia has lost all its stability due to political undertakings and the deteriorating nature of economy, almost every industry is affected except textile which is able to pull on due to export of cheap clothing, however people have to struggle a lot to earn themselves a single daily meal.

  6. 1)The demise of the Indonesian President Suharto and the inability of his successor to carry forward his legacy spells doom for the working class of the country, people have resorted to doing petty jobs just for the sake of affording a meal.

  7. High poverty and unemployment rate due to devaluation of money and shrinking economy has led to demonstrations by common man to remove Habibie from power.

  8. Many firms expanding their business to the overseas market to become a multinational company because of availability of least expensive employees with the right skills and forcing them to work longer and harder which is expensive domestically.

  9. Moving business activities to overseas is the trend what Multinational corporations follow these days where they look for cheap and laborious worker to exploit for more production.

  10. 1. Due to the political unrest in Indonesia, the overall economy has badly affected and resulted in unemployment, poverty, and degraded monetary value, however, common people are protesting to change the current President Habibie.
    2. Due to the global expansion of businesses, most US firms are getting benefited in terms of hiring cheap work force in overseas and making huge profit margins.

  11. Multinational companies expand their business activities to overseas countries in order to achieve higher production growth by having highly skilled and less expensive labors then domestic division.

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