PTE writing test-summarize written text practice paragraphs 84

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish each passage.Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.The taxi industry has a long history of being an early adopter of new technologies. Cabcharge, which was first established as a financial services provider for the taxi industry in 1976, has its credit facilities located in around 97% of Australian taxis. A number of other card payments systems have now entered the market for this service. In-car terminals are an efficient way to process taxi fares electronically and provide users with a receipt that can be used for accounting purposes and tracking lost property. The technology has also been adopted in Singapore and the UK.
All taxi networks in Sydney use a taxi dispatch system designed by a Melbourne-based company, MTDATA. The system manages the taking and dispatch of taxi bookings as well as allowing call centres to precisely track a taxi’s location and speed using GPS systems installed in each car. The dispatch systems facilitate networks to send bookings to other networks to ensure that passengers are serviced quickly and efficiently. The company, which was founded in 2003, now has operations in six countries including New Zealand and the Middle East.


2.Sydney is in the grip of a housing affordability crisis. Not only does Australia’s biggest city possess some of the world’s most expensive real estate, it’s also going to need 725,000 new homes to cope with projected population growth over the next two decades. While the relentless rise in property values has been good news for some, it’s also created a range of unintended consequences for the city as a whole.

The failure of our housing market is widening the divide between older homeowners and a younger generation, which is either locked out of home ownership or pushed to the fringes of cities to seek more affordable rent, leaving them far from jobs and good transport. Fiscal incentives have also benefitted the haves instead of the have-nots, leading to a constrained supply of homes for those on low to middle incomes.

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  1. Australian taxi industry is a pioneer in adopting new technologies such as electronic payment system started in 1976 and later adopted by other countries too, and that all taxi networks in Sydney uses taxi dispatch system where call center tracks location and send bookings across the different networks.

  2. Boost in real estate in Sydney has increased the generation gap between old and young people as they have started to stay at remote area from their work where they can find cheap rental houses, and that also has made difficult to own a new home for those with low income.

  3. The taxi industry changed the service by embracing new technology tools, which gives more convenience to the passengers.

  4. The real estate crisis in Sydney separated the population, which made it look for more economic rent out of town being far from key places for its survival.

  5. Australia brought a fabulous taste in taxi industries, which make people journey much easier and secure.

  6. Cabcharge, an electronic mode of payment for taxi fare deployed in most Australian taxis today facilitate by call centers that operate on real time information for taxi location to serve passengers effectively.

  7. taxi industry using new technology tools which provide the best quality to the folks in the overseas.

  8. During the year 1976, the company named Cabcharge was established adopting new technologies into the taxi industry which has covered almost 97% of Australia to provide passengers feasible way of booking and serve the passengers quickly and more effectively, also extended their operations to others like Middle Eastern and New Zealand.

  9. The main point highlight in the paragraph is the increased usage of new technologies for efficient functioning of the taxi industries. The introduction of card payment systems has enabled to process taxi fares electronically. Taxi dispatch systems have made booking, tracking of locations of the taxis more convenient and improved customer services. These taxi networking systems are flourishing.

  10. The dearth of affordable housing in Sydney, is causing hardships for the younger generation who have to move away from job market in the main city, to the suburbs, to find affordable housing. On one hand, rise in property values was boon for few people who already well off , but on the other hand, people belonging to lower and middle class are worst hit by the housing crisis.

  11. New technologies have been adopted by taxi industry from long time and taxis in Sydney are using new taxi dispatch system created by Melbourne based company, which is used to deliver quick and efficient service to the customers.

  12. Housing affordability crisis is on raise in Sydney which is pushing the low to middle income people to move far from the city in search of decent rent, moreover the city is in need of additional 725000 homes in the next two decades.

  13. Taxi dispatch system and GPS system helping taxi operators to reach out passengers very quickly at precise location in Sydney, in addition these services are now available in six other countries.

  14. Sydney taxi network, found in other nations too, provide hassle free service to its customers where call centers process real time cab-requests and taxis with electronic payment process generate travel receipt.

  15. Accommodation for projected population in Sydney will be a challenge as expensive real estate will only benefits the homeowners but low and middle class people will suffer and thrive for basic city facilities.

  16. 1.The taxi industry has known to adopt and implement latest technologies since early days, such as implementation of credit payment system in 1976 and advanced tracking and booking system in recent time.

    2. Due to the population growth, a huge gap has been developed among the demand and the supply for affordable housing in Sydney, however, this trend has resulted in moving younger generations away from the main city in search of affordable housing.

  17. Cab charge and MTDATA are technologies formed in Australia and some countries following the foots steps of Australia to ensure service quickly and efficiently.

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