PTE listening highlight incorrect words practice exercise 5

PTE listening highlight incorrect words practice exercise

PTE listening highlight incorrect words practice exercise.You will hear a recording.Below is the transcription of the recording.Some words in transcription differ from what the speaker said, Please choose the words that are different.


The pilot of the huge B-Fifty-two bomber plane pushes a button. From behind the plane’s right wing, the black sharp-nosed X-Fifteen drops free. It is eleven-and-one-half kilometers over the Earth.

Pilot Scott Crossfield is in the X-Fifteen’s only seat. When he is clear of the B-Fifty-two, he starts the X-Fifteen’s rocket engine. And so begins the first powered trial of the experimental jet designed to take man to the edge of space.

The X-Fifteen flies high over the sandy wasteland of California’s Mojave Desert. Up, up it flies. After three minutes, its fuel has lightened up. It is flying about two thousand kilometers an hour.

Scott Crossfield’s voice tightens. His breathing becomes harder as the plane flies against the atmosphere. At that speed, the pressure is three times the force of gravity.

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Delegates to the American Continental Congress approved and signed a Declaration of Independence on July Fourth, 1776.  The new country known the United States of America was at war with Britain.  Yet, not everyone in the former colonies agreed for the decision.

No one knows for sure how many Americans remained loyal to Great Britain.  The Massachusetts political leader, John Adams, said about thirty-three percent of the colonists supported independence, thirty-three percent supported Britain, and thirty-three percent supported any side.  Most history experts today believe that about twenty percent of the colonists supported Britain.  They say the others were neutral or supported which side seemed to be winning.


An estimated nine million people rock climb in the United States. Millions more take part in the activity in the world. Some do it just for personal satisfaction ,many compete. Rock climbing can be dangerous. But there are many methods and protective devices that can enhance a climber’s safety.

Climbing takes strength, control and good balance. Climbers have to push themselves straight up the face of very high rocks or walls. So they have to be strong enough to carry their own weight. And climbers sometimes have to hold on to rocks by with their fingers or toes.

There are several kinds of rock climbing. Traditional rock climbing is done outside. Climbers wear ropes and attach devices from the rocks as they climb many hundreds of meters up. They also connect their ropes to the devices. If a climber slips, a rope can stop him from falling.

PTE listening highlight incorrect words practice exercise

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1.behind/under , over/above, trial/flight ,jet/plane ,lightened /burned , flies/pushes 2.known/called , for/on , said/thought , any/neither , believe/think , which/whichever , many/others , enhance/increase , push/pull , with/only ,from/to





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