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PTE Listening summarize spoken text practice sample 7

PTE Listening summarize spoken text practice sample

PTE Listening summarize spoken text practice sample

PTE listening summarize spoken text practice sample.PTE summarize spoken text template.You may get 2-3 summarize spoken text in the exam.You will hear a short lecture.Write a summary of the lecture using 50-70 words.You will have 10 minutes to finish the task.written transcript of audio is provided for practice purpose.


Transcript (for practice purpose only)

Shortly after 8 o’clock on Sunday evening, October 30, 1938, many Americans became anxious or even panic-stricken while listening to a live one-hour radio play realistically depicting a fictitious Martian landing at the farm in the tiny hamlet of Grovers Mill, New Jersey.The broadcast could be heard in all regions of the continental United States but those living in the immediate vicinity of the bogus invasion appeared to have been most frightened.

The play included references to real places, buildings, highways, and streets. The broadcast also contained prestigious speakers, convincing sound effects, and realistic special bulletins. The drama was produced by a 23-year-old theatrical prodigy named George Orson Welles , who was accompanied by a small group of actors and musicians in a New York City studio.The actual broadcast script was  loosely based  on the 1898 book The War of the Worlds by acclaimed science fiction writer Herbert George (H.G.) Wells.

In the original Wells novel, the Martians had landed in nineteenth century England. Even today the 1938 broadcast remains arguably the most widely known deception in the history of  United States, if not the world and many radio stations around the world continue to broadcast the original play each Halloween.

The panic produced by the fictional Martian Landing demonstrates the enormous credibility that the media enjoys in contemporary society.Moreover, in an ironic twist, there is a growing consensus among sociologists that the extent of the panic, was greatly exaggerated. The irony is that for many years the public may have been misled by the media to believe that the panic was far more extensive and intense than it actually was. However, there is little doubt that many Americans were genuinely frightened and some did try to flee the Martian gas raids and heat rays, depicted in the drama.

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Current conventional wisdom holds that Canada has a two-sided real estate market. On one side, the Toronto and Vancouver markets are moving at a breakneck pace, driven by strong economies and foreign investment. But they’re also facing high demand and a woeful lack of supply. On the other side is the rest of Canada, which isn’t faced with the same affordability concerns but still has challenges unique to individual regions. Every market offers opportunities for savvy developers and investors, and that is the main message from this year’s survey: despite concerns, there is room to grow—as long as you keep your finger on the pulse of your future buyers’ needs.
Investors and developers have continued to turn their attention to Eastern Canada, and Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City appear to be the principal beneficiaries of this shift in the commercial space. Calgary, still dealing with the impact of the oil sector’s downturn, is holding its own as developers and investors bide their time until better conditions return. While Edmonton’s market has softened, infrastructure projects and downtown redevelopment have mitigated oil’s impact. Halifax is seeing a boom in multi residential, although worries exist about the “hollowing out” of its commercial core. And in Vancouver, everyone is waiting to see what the long-term fallout from the British Columbia government’s additional 15 percent property transfer tax on foreign buyers will be. At the time of writing, Vancouver real estate had begun softening, although it is not clear how much is attributable to the new tax, and experts anticipate that investors will turn their focus to Toronto.


PTE Listening summarize spoken text practice sample

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8 thoughts on “PTE Listening summarize spoken text practice sample 7

  1. For 1, Transcript is not in sync with the voice. Please provide the correct transcript or atleast remove the existing one as it is leading to confusion and tends to loose concentration on the voice.

  2. 1- For a long time scientist have researched on many communication methods like speaking and facial expressions but neglected to research “touch” as method of communication until the day Scientist got struck by idea to research touch after seeing parents communicating to children. He used two persons sitting separated by a curtain and they used only touch to communicate various emotions.

  3. The speaker discusses the impact of media on the lives of general public. He discusses a popular play which was aired in 1938 on radio in US and how deeply it affected the lives of Amercians , especially those who lived in the close vicinity of the bogus invasion shown in the play. This play was more persuasive because it had prestigious speakers, it was filmed with best sound effect and great music.
    Precisely , media can exaggerate a situation by manipulating it.

  4. The lecturer discusses about the real estate and property market of Canada ,
    which is bifurcated between various regions of the country. He says that the market
    is very lucrative; providing greater opportunities
    to the developers, realtors and investors to mint money if they adopt the right approach considering the demand of the buyers.The main driving factors of the market includes quality , demand and supply , implication of taxation laws and the type pf property dispensable. However , it is worthy to note that the most important regions include Toronto, Vnacover , Qubec , Montreal and Calgary.

  5. Significantly focusing on the the fact which is mentioned in this specific lecture is about real estate market in Canada. It denotes that the market is full of opportunity through foreign investment to developers and investors. In addition to put more emphasis with outlined of various regions has their own benefits to developers and investors. Considering, the most substantial insights which are specified here, it can be stated that British Columbia government reduced tax 15% for long term but still not clear.

  6. the talk is about most people are investing money in Canada market in Toronto city . This year survey to high demand invests men and which city develop in Canada. The British Colombia government 15 percent property transfers tax on foreign buyers.

  7. The speaker talked about an event happened in the year 1938 in where a radio broadcast played a drama based on the novel “The war of the worlds” that made a lot of american people very anxious about the story because it was intensely realistic. People were frightened specially played on a Halloween but other people conversing that this panic was exaggerated and the public was mislead by the media.

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