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PTE Listening multiple choice multiple answers exercise 3

Listen to the recording and answer the multiple choice question by selecting all the correct response.


Which TWO facilities at the leisure club have recently been improved?

A) the gym
B) the tracks
C) the outdoor pool
D) the indoor pool
E) the sports training for children



Which of these statements are true according to recording?

A) The smart fridge is an essential component of kitchens.
B) It is technologically advanced in comparison with other fridges.
C) It alerts users when foods reach their expiry date.
D) It can help consumers when they are out shopping.
E) It is able to make decisions about food purchases.
F) It can tell users which foods are healthier.



Which things should students do when applying to the course according to audio?

A)Understand what the course is about.
B)Think carefully about what they can contribute to the course.
C) Tell a story about an experience that they have had.
D)Provide a large quantity of work that shows their ability.
E) Show an example of their own film work if possible.

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1.A,D 2.B,D 3.B,E

PTE listening multiple choice multiple answers exercise



PTE Academic Speaking answer short question sample

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9 thoughts on “PTE Listening multiple choice multiple answers exercise 3

      1. In
        PTE Listening multiple choice multiple answers exercise 2
        Question 2 of this test is repeated.

        Answers in both Exercise 2 & 3 differs.

  1. why is 2 only B and D. Should it not be B and C? The information(alert) helps to make an informed shopping, not the smart fridge itself.

  2. For question number 2 option A is also correct.Because in the beginning of the passage he mentioned it.
    so answer for 2 is A, C,D
    Please review my answer

    1. I back B and C.

      A cannot be the answer as the speaker says “it can become an essential component fo the Kitchen” not “is the component”.
      Correct me if I’m wrong!!!

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