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PTE reading practice-fill in the blanks 40

PTE reading fill in the blanks practice material. In the text below some words are missing. Fill the blanks with the words provided after the text.

Fill in the Blanks: Check for Logical Consistency, Verb forms, and vocabulary usage.


About three million young people in the United States are ………….. in cheerleading. People often think of cheerleaders when they think of school spirit. Cheerleaders are a …………….. at football games and other sports events.  They help get the crowds excited for their team. In the past, cheerleading at American schools mostly involved shouting cheers and jumping up and down.  But cheerleading has …………. into a sport of its own. The moves are more physical. Cheerleaders, for example, are often thrown into the air. The ……………. of modern cheerleading has led to more injuries. A new study shows that the number nationwide increased one hundred ten per cent during the years examined. It says hospital emergency rooms ……………… more than two hundred thousand cheerleaders between 1990 and 2002.

tradition |  involved |  | grown | part | difficulty | treated |complexity | admitted |


The American Civil War began in 1861 as a …………  over the right of states to leave the Union. President Abraham Lincoln firmly …………..  that a state did not have that right. And he declared war on the southern states that tried to leave. Lincoln had only one reason to fight: to save the Union. In time, however, there was another reason to fight: to free the black people held as slaves in the South. Lincoln had tried to keep the ………….. of slavery out of the war. He feared it would ……………… the northern war effort. Many men throughout the North would fight to save the Union. They would not fight to free the slaves.

thought | struggle | believed | hamper | issue | weaken | demand |


The use of valuable stones like diamonds goes back thousands of years. Rulers of many ancient ………….. used gemstones to show wealth and importance. Diamonds still …………… power and fame. Rich and famous people around the world wear diamonds. And, most women in the United States receive a diamond ring when they agree to a marriage proposal. Diamonds are ………….. from the Earth. They are cut, made to shine and then sold at high prices. The nation of South Africa is ………… for its supply of diamonds. For generations, men have gone deep down into the Earth to bring out the rough stones. It is very …………… and dangerous work.

demanding | signify | cultures | exploited | represent | mined | famous | difficult | supplier |

4. Education and well-being have often been ___. The idea that education can promote individual well-being indirectly, by ____ earnings and promoting ___ mobility, is an old one; so are notions of education helping to promote the good society by _____ to economic growth and equality of opportunity.

Urban, Social, Contributing, Confirmed, Recovering, Associated, Improving, Rewarding

PTE reading practice-fill in the blanks

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1.involved | tradition | grown | difficulty | treated 2.struggle | believed | issue | weaken | 3.cultures | represent | mined | famous | difficult4. associated | Improving | social | contributing



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7 thoughts on “PTE reading practice-fill in the blanks 40

  1. In 3rd question second blank why the answer is represent? Isn’t it supposed to be signify? Can someone explain the difference please!

    Thank u!!

    1. signify =be an Indication of – diamonds are not an indication of power and fame
      represent = appointed to act – humans have appointed diamonds to act as a power and fame

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