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PTE writing summarize written text sample exercise 90

PTE writing summarize written text sample exercise.Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You will have 10 minutes to finish each passage.Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.The game of chess is not a game of chance but requires mastery of a complex set of skills that are both art and science. A player needs to be alert, equally aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his own position and that of his opponent. A plan is needed, most assuredly. The number of possible games that can develop, however, exceeds the number of atoms in the universe. Hence, flexibility within the plan is critical. Each move has a short-term impact and is also a step in positioning for a victorious endgame.
Like chess, the real estate playing field requires an artful mix of skills, tactics, and strategies. A chessboard is limited to just 64 squares and is two-dimensional. Real estate’s domain covers a lot more space, and requires thinking across economic, social, political, and technological dimensions.Beginners may often extend themselves swiftly and aggressively into the fray, seeking quick advantage but overlooking the impact of countermeasures that are obvious to more experienced players. Strategic thinkers see beyond the “next move” and anticipate the development of a series of moves that, taken together, create a more powerful control of the board.



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20 thoughts on “PTE writing summarize written text sample exercise 90

  1. Although the real estate industry has similarities of the game of chess in which complex skills are required, which includes being alert, aware of the strength and weakness of own and opponents, yet the real estate covers more dimensions and see beyond the next move to create a powerful control of the board.

  2. Through an analogy of game of chess and real estate business, it is explained that to succeed in both the fields, complex and multiple skill sets such as agility, flexibility and accurate prediction of opponents move are required.

  3. In comparison to Lousiaina where tourism and health care are major sources of employment, New Orleans still could not achieve pre-recession employment level and even though job growth is expected in hospitality sector, shipping and energy sector will continue to struggle because of limited range of developmental activities.

  4. Unemployment in New Orleans , one of the largest city in Louisiana , is very speculative; tourism, hospitality and healthcare sectors are creating jobs, whereas , energy and shipping industries are increasing redundancies and, therefore, this situation will continue to prevail in the year 2017; thus unemployment recovery rate will remain below average projected growth rate.

  5. Although the real estate field is a multi-dimensional, there are some similarities between chess and real estate such as both required skills, awareness, strategies, flexibility and the perception of the future steps while taking current move.

  6. Although the tourism and health care industries will continue to flourish in New Orleans, it will not bring the employment level the previous peak because the energy and shipping industry will continue to shrink in 2017 due to limited developmental plan.

  7. Although the real estate industry and the game of chess require similar skills and tactics to plan and succeed, the real estate business needs to be thought through multiple dimensions as compared to the chessboard which is only 2 dimensional.

  8. Chess is not only game to play with opponent but it requires the skills sets, ability, perfection,capability and planning same as real estate business also require some skills ,strategies and thinking about next move while considering the current situation.

  9. The game of chess which has some boundaries as well as real estate in which there is no end but both does not depends on magic rather than which is required pertaining pure courage to subsequent the job which is assign to every worker to achieve there desired goal.

  10. Although chess and real estate are different but they both require alert mind, anticipation and strategical approach towards success which is a gradual process that veterans understand and amateur don’t and ended up loosing often.

  11. Survey shows economical differences between two cities continued with more upcoming job diverging to Louisiana even currency rate wont affect export due to high demand, however job losses in energy sector would slow for New Orleans wont help.

  12. As per the survey, one side, the economy of Louisiana City increased employment in tourism and medication sector and other side, the New Orleans unemployment increased in energy and shipping sector, the energy sector may be show due to low prices but shipping may get boost by U.S. consumer’s demand.

  13. The real estate is like chess game, chess is limited with just 64 squares and two dimensional but real estate have more space and requires thinking for economic, social, political and technological dimensions and however, both have same method to get the next move and control on the board.

  14. Real estate domain is similar to a game of chess, as it requires an artful mix of skills, tactics, strategies and also thinking across various sectors like economic, social, political and technological dimensions.

  15. Strategies, anticipation and outcome of each successive move comprising victory are the factors common to both Chess and Real Estate except that one is just a game and other a real life scenario.

  16. The real estate business is very much similar to the chess game, to win in this field one needs to be a strategic thinker to foresee the impact of current actions and experience teaches one to look not just at quick benefits but look beyond today to counter the impact.

  17. The economy of New Orleans hasn’t returned to the normal level even after the services and leisure sector doing well, this fall is mostly driven by the higher average production cost which could be overcome by more export of the products to US customers and expanding developing activity beyond the needs of the local public.

  18. To succeed in a game of Chess, one should be capable of changing the plan with each move, while to succeed in real estate player not only requires all the qualities in chess but more.

    Higher production costs coupled with lower demand in energy costs is the main reason for the job market not to be doing good in Louisiana, even when sectors like leisure and hospitality are showing positive signs.

  19. The economy of the New Orlean which is the largest city in Louisiana is still not recovered from the recession in 2007, jobs in the field of tourism and healthcare adding to the employment growth, but the energy and shipping jobs are experiencing downfall and shipping may get demands which are dependent on US import requiremLike chess, real state field requires strategies, where the thinker sees beyond next move and predict the benefits which happen because of many steps which are taken together, also player should be alert, and aware about strength and weakness of the opposition.

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