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PTE reading reorder practice exercise with answers 42

PTE reading reorder practice exercise with answers

The text below has been placed in a random order. Choose the most logical order of sentences from among the choices given to construct a paragraph.


A. But this does not mean that death was the Egyptians’ only pre-occupation.

B.Even papyri come mainly from pyramid

C. Most of our traditional sources of information about the Old Kingdom are monuments of the rich like pyramids and tombs.

D. Houses in which ordinary Egyptians lived have not been preserved, and when most people died, they were buried in simple graves.

E. We know infinitely more about the wealthy people of Egypt than we do about the ordinary people, as most monuments were of the rich people.


A. Experts such as Larry Burns, head of research at GM, reckon that only such a full hearted leap will allow the world to cope with the mass motorisation that will one day come to China or India.

B.But once hydrogen is being produced from biomass or extracted from underground coal or made from water, using nuclear or renewable electricity, the way will be open for a huge reduction in carbon emissions from the whole system.

C. In theory, once all the bugs have been sorted out, fuel cells should deliver better total fuel economy than any existing engines.

D. That is twice as good as the internal combustion engine, but only five percentage points better than a diesel hybrid.

E. Allowing for the resources needed to extract hydrogen from hydrocarbon, oil, coal or gas, the fuel cell has an efficiency of 30%.

PTE reading reorder practice exercise with answers


A. A study to this effect suggests that the average white-collar worker demonstrates only about twenty-five percent listening efficiency.

B. However, for trained and good listeners, it is not unusual to use all the three approaches during a setting, thus improving listening efficiency.

C. There are three approaches to listening; listening for comprehension, listening for empathy, and listening for evaluation.

D. Although we spend nearly half of each communication listening, we do not listen well.

E. Each approach has a particular emphasis that may help us to receive and process information in different settings.


A. The history of mankind is full of such fightings between communities, nation, and people.

B. From the primitive weapons of warfare, man has advanced to the modern nuclear weapons.

C. Ever since the dawn of civilisation, man has been fighting with man.

D. A modern war is scientific in character, but the effect is the same, wiping human existence out of this earth.

E. The only difference now seems to be in the efficiency of the instruments used for killing each other.

PTE reading reorder practice exercise with answers

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