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PTE solved sample essay-human cloning has accelerated rapidly

The role of human cloning has accelerated rapidly.To what extent you think will it replace the material things!

Cloning humans is a process involving the transfer of genetic material from any cell of a person and fusing it with a donor egg cell that can then develop into a fully fledged human being. Science fiction? Not really. In principle, this form of cloning has already been done in the case of Dolly the Sheep. So why hasn’t human cloning caught on? Before we answer that question, let’s see its potential applications. With transplant patients demand at an all time high and a small supply of organ donors, cloning organs serves as a huge benefit for many patients. In fact, recently, damaged DNA from a patient stem cell was replaced with healthy DNA and put back into a diabetes type 1 patient with the hopes that this new modified cell would stimulate normal insulin production.

Cloning also has significant applications as an alternative form of reproduction. This mainly impacts infertile or same sex couples who wish to have children of their genetic lineage. Moving on to more far-fetched sounding applications, one could theoretically raise loved ones back from the dead or if you are very attached to your genetics, maintain your gene’s immortality through your clones. You could also selectively alter your genetics to obtain mad skills as a human being with fewer vulnerabilities. All very attractive. So what’s the problem then? let’s get cloning! Not so fast. Imagine the nightmare when it comes to illegal cloning! you’d have mutilated versions of you walking around and mistaken identities happening more frequently.

Moreover, although we understand the function of specific genes, we are still far from understanding the side effects of gene alterations on the body as a whole. This means that before we could reach any feasible point, we’d have to screw around with live clones. This prospect faces great ethical opposition and is a destruction of human dignity for many. Besides, who’d control these clones or can they be? How will they be governed? There are just so many unanswered questions, biological and nonbiological alike. Based on these pros and cons, human cloning will probably remain in R&D for years without its applications seeing the light of day! But maybe someday, It will.


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