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PTE essay-The only effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urbanisation. How far you agree?

Unemployment is a fairly popular word these days. Many times, urbanisation is seen as an answer to the widespread unemployment. Though, in this essay, I will argue that urbanisation is not a solution to unemployment.

There are many reasons why people support urbanisation to combat unemployment. Firstly, urbanisation opens up opportunities in every sector. New industries provide employment choices to the people. Secondly, industrialisation is accompanied by better housing, education, medical and transport facilities. Hence, quality of life improves for many.

Despite the merits of urbanisation, there are many demerits we overlook. The following reasons demonstrate the argument-Uneven population distribution – Urbanisation leads to a change in demographics. The urban areas are more densely populated than the rural areas. For example, even though Tokyo is the most populated cities in the world, the population in the rest of Japan is dwindling. This leads to a neglect of the villages which have been untouched by urbanisation.

Poor living conditions – A sudden demographic shift can be overwhelming. The changes in the city are not properly mapped out. Hence, illegal housing increases. This also puts a lot of pressure on resources, education, medical facilities etc. Rapid crime growth and poor sanitation are also a consequence. For example, every urbanized city in the world has a higher rate of crime, mental illnesses etc compared to the other states of their respective countries.
Extreme competition – A large population increases the competition in the job market. For one vacant post, there will be several qualified professionals applying for it. Even urbanisation doesn’t guarantee that a person would get employment according to his/her qualifications.

To sum up, urbanisation is a short-term solution to unemployment. Rather than creating urbanised hubs, even development across the country should be the realized. Imparting skills and education can help the poor make a better living.


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5 thoughts on “PTE essay-The only effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urbanisation. How far you agree?

  1. World history is full of wars and conflicts. Some conflicts are home-grown while some result from the direct aggression of the enemy. Throughout the history of mankind, nature of these conflicts has been different but the reason for which these wars were fought are the same. Retrospection of all these conflicts would always trace men’s involvement rather than women.
    In this essay, I will lend weight to this opinion that female leadership should be allowed to resolve ongoing conflicts between nations.
    Firstly, let’s have a holistic view of this approach that how women can contribute to the resolution of conflicts. Just trace almost four decades back history of conflict between India and Pakistan. After the 1971 war, more than 50,000 soldiers were stranded in Indian camps after the defeat in erstwhile Bangladesh. After the culmination of war, India and Pakistan started to negotiate on the fate of Prisoners of War. At this high time, India was led by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi – whose profound leadership would intervene to make the talks between both countries successful. After, the historic signing of the agreement, Pakistan was able to secure a release of over 90,000 soldiers. All this was due to the credence of able leadership of Indra Gandhi that eventually made this to happen.
    On the contrary, tracing back the war histories, one would be stunned to know that all these wars were initiated by the men. Nonetheless, some conflicts might have a history related to winning land, an occupation of land or resources, nevertheless women are not involved to instigate war with rivals.
    Biologically, women are treated with care and respect nearly in every society. Hence allowing them to demonstrate their leadership in conflict resolution is a saner option. In addition, our patriarchal dominance needs an urgent revamp in order to free this world from detrimental effects of wars and unnecessary conflicts.

  2. Unemployment occurs when people are without jobs in productive age. Jobless still be a crucial problem in some countries. Some people claimed that the single effective way to deal with unemployment is to introduce rapid urban drift. I personally disagree with that statement depends on social and economical aspect.

    Firstly, urbanization linked to demographical and sociological process. It can make an uneven distribution of population between urban and rural. The increasing of rural population without following by an appropriate facilities can raise many social problems such us homelessness and joblessness. Sometimes urban area grows without any plan as a result a global change. When the citizen have a poor skill and they move to city to looking for a worth job, it will be so hard for them to find an appropriate occupation and they will be a low employee even a jobless. The rise of unemployment in the rural area increases susceptibility to malnutrition, poor sanitation, illness, mental stress, and crime.

    Secondly, urbanization can bring out an economical aspect. Besides the positive economical impact of urbanization, there is a negative economical impact of urbanization. The huge growing number of migrants can make poorness in city. It can lead to increase a competition to get a suitable job. The migrants who can’t get a job are going to be a homeless. It adds to the appearance of slums and poor citizen in the city. It can be an economical burden for the city.

    Finally, introduce an urban drift is not an indispensable way to solve an unemployment problem. Government can build and develop economical resources in rural area. Government also can prepare the rural residents with a good education and an enough skill so they can compete to get an appropriate livelihood.

  3. Unemployment occurs when people are without a job in a progressive market. Unemployment is the most popular issue these days. Many times, urbanization was considered as the answer to unemployment. Though, In my opinion, urbanization is not the only solution to deal with unemployment.

    To begin with, there are a variety of reasons why some people support urbanization. First, Urbanization creates huge job opportunities. New industries provide choices of employment to many peoples. Secondly, Urbanization comes with better education, housing, medical and transport facilities. Hence, quality of life improves for many.

    As urbanization has many advantages, disadvantages should be considered carefully. The following reasons support the statement- Uneven population distribution- Urbanization leads to change in demographics. The urban areas are more densely populated than rural areas.

    Poor living conditions- A sudden change in demography can be harmful at times. The changes in the city are not properly mapped out. This also creates pressure upon available resources, education and medical systems. Rapid growth in crime rate and poor sanitation are also a consequence.

    Increased Competition – A large population increases the competition in the job market. For a single job opportunity, there will be several job applications. Even urbanization can’t guarantee that person will get employment based upon his/her qualifications.

    All in all, after diligently analyzing above view point, it is clear that urbanization is a short term solution to unemployment. In a nut-shell, even development of urbanized areas across the country should be promoted.

  4. Unemployment is the emerging issue now a day’s in the world. urbanisation will create plenty oppertunities to the aspirants and develop the gelogical area and also health,midical , education , traspotation ficilities. it will change the living status of the people.
    though i’m not aggree with urbination is the only way to over come the unemployment issue.
    firstly , due to urbinisation the cities will densly populated and this lead to many issues like water crysis and illigal enchrochments and increase in crimes, heavy compitation in employment , polution problems,poor sanitation.
    secoundly, because of Urbinisation authorities have to spend more on urban area to provide better services and neglect the villages due to this they may be undeveloped and powerty effected.Tokyo is the largest densly populated city in the world and they had faced the similar problems according to 2003-2004 survay say’s the urban area 67% are unemployed.
    In my view governaments should create oppertunities to urban and also semiurban , villages. so that qualified intellectuals will get the oppertunities and development will flow accross the nation. In 2002 the according to world survey crime is 72% in urban area’s and it is increasing it is because of unemployment and illiterasy.
    so to avoid these issue’s authorities should work for betterment of people in all the way like providing free education,homes , help the intellectuals by encoraging them to provide subsidies and loans to start their own companies, train them for new innovation things,and also authorities have to spend on research and development.
    i wanted to conclude by here the urbanisation is not only way to provide better oppertunities to the unemployed people and they should create oppertunities to villages as well urban people.

  5. Nowadays, Unemployment is becoming the biggest problem for country’s development. Some believe that rapid urbanization would solve the unemployment and helps the country’s development while others disagree. I think urbanization helps to reduce the unemployment some extent and my view follows below.

    Firstly, Some believe that there are thousands of graduates are coming into the market every year but there are no equal numbers of jobs being created. Due to the reason mentioned above, unemployment increases year on year. So fastening the urban development in the country would generate the number of opportunities and will help to reduce the unemployment. According to latest survey in 2018, 10000 job opportunities have been generated with urbanization and this count may increase further by 2020. This shows that rapid urbanization would help to reduce the unemployment.

    However, Few believe that rapid urbanization would cause environmental problems and worsen the climate conditions as significant number of trees to be cut down to increase the urbanization. According to recent survey, 20000 trees had been cut down due to urbanization and this resulted in less rainfall in those areas. This shows that rapid urbanization might cause environmental problems though it creates number of job opportunities.

    To conclude, rapid urbanization is an effective way to deal with unemployment and increase the job opportunities to some extent, however this may lead to environmental problems and precautionary measures need to be taken for the same.

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