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PTE Writing: 5 Essay Writing Techniques

PTE writing

Writing an essay could be a naturally daunting task for many people, both native and non-native speakers
of the English Language. But at certain times, you can’t just escape writing an essay, especially when you
are required to write them in exams such as the PTE. Oh, you don’t have to be afraid anymore, since there
are ways to make your PTE writing section less threatening as you will find out PTE writing tips for your
PTE essay right here.

If you have ever wondered about how to write an essay, you first should know that there are steps and
formats to help simplify the whole process, and as such there are PTE formats, as well as PTE essay writing
tips which “buy essay online” services use to create wonderful essays when you want to buy an essay.

This article will provide you with PTE essay templates that will make you smile through your writing section
in your PTE.

It is time to delve into these fundamental techniques of writing the PTE exam, as well as understanding
the different formats you could employ with the common mistakes you can avoid, bringing your essay as
close to perfect as possible to give you an excellent score.

1. Keeping it Simple

One important detail that is looked out for in the assessment of your PTE essay is how well you can write,
structure your thoughts and ideas concisely and logically with the right application of grammar and
vocabulary. All of these might make an unsuspecting writer resort to producing an essay with long,
complex, and highly technical sentences. This is an enemy to your score in the PTE essay section.
Simplicity has appeared over and over again to do the magic in various adventures, and it doesn’t even
fail in the Pearson Test also. You tend to preserve your score in the writing if you stick to simple, short,
and easily comprehensible sentences rather than long and twisted sentences stuffed with punctuations
that increase your errors.

A tip you need to know is that your examiners in this writing section favor clear, concise, and logical
sentences above any other thing when reading and grading your essay.

2. Having a Game plan

Imagine writing your PTE essay, and when you are in the middle of the writing, you had to change your
mind, so you have to start again. You waste a lot of time, energy, and you might not get to finish up the
new essay you have decided to write since the writing section has time allotted to it. Now, consider if
you could prevent this, and guess what, this can be easily prevented by having a plan before you swing
into writing.

The first step to ace your writing test in the PTE is to have a sound understanding of your writing prompt.
When you have done this, and it has been rightly done, you have gone halfway into giving your essay what
it deserves. This is because the right understanding enables you to have the proper ideas or thoughts to
include in your argument in the essay without having to change your mind halfway in.
Noting down your points promptly and organizing them the way you want them to follow one another
can be the needed effort to grant you your desired score in the exam, and save you from the stress and
panic of having to start writing your essay all over again if it hasn’t been well arranged from the beginning.

3. Applying the PTE Format

Yes, you are probably used to the five-paragraph essay format which has the introduction paragraph,
three paragraphs constituting the body and the conclusion paragraph which is the fifth and last paragraph,
and have been wondering how you can work all of these into your 300-word PTE essay in twenty minutes.
The truth is that doing this can be overwhelming for even great writers and essay papers of this volume
of words cannot follow this format even if you purchase an essay, and guess what, PTE doesn’t expect this format from you either!


What Can You Do Instead?

Format 1: Write on both sides of Your Argument

Using this format, you can easily work on this four-paragraph format for your essay:
First Paragraph: Write the introduction to the topic
Second Paragraph: Write arguments in support of the topic
Third Paragraph: Here, write arguments against the topic
Fourth Paragraph: Write the concluding paragraph, indicating which argument you believe is the most

Format 2: Write for or Against an Argument

Using this format, you also work using the four-paragraph format for your essay:
First Paragraph: Write the introduction to the topic
Second Paragraph: Write an argument in support or against the topic
Third Paragraph: Here, write an argument in support or against the topic
Fourth Paragraph: Write the concluding paragraph, summarizing the arguments you have earlier raised in
the essay.

4. Vocabularies and Word Usage

Here is the tricky and challenging part. Due to the fact, the PTE expects a solid usage of words and sound
vocabulary from writers, and they award marks based on how a writer can perform in this regard.
You might need to read more books, novels, articles, newspapers, and other literary items so that you can
understand and use words in the right and proper context in addition to knowing them.
Avoiding certain qualifiers may your essay appear more pleasing and accurate to the reader, hence you
can learn to limit their use. A good tip in writing your essay is, any word that would not contribute
meaningfully to your sentences, you can do well to drop them.

5. Time Management

The writing section of the PTE tests many things, but ultimately, your ability to utilize your time wisely
makes all the difference. No matter how brilliant your arguments are and how good your vocabulary is, if
you are unable to write within the period stipulated for the test, it is all a huge shame.

Therefore, practice and manage your time well as it is the most important variable that determines how
long you can go as well as how well you will score.

Written By Olha Porterm

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