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PTE writing practice passages-summarize written text 79

PTE writing practice passages-summarize written text

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish each passage. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.


Delegates to the American Continental Congress approved and signed a Declaration of Independence on July Fourth, 1776.  The new country called the United States of America was at war with Britain.  Yet, not everyone in the former colonies agreed on the decision.

No one knows for sure how many Americans remained loyal to Great Britain.  The Massachusetts political leader, John Adams, thought about thirty-three percent of the colonists supported independence, thirty-three percent supported Britain, and thirty-three percent supported neither side.  Most history experts today think that about twenty percent of the colonists supported Britain.  They say the others were neutral or supported whichever side seemed to be winning.

Who supported Britain?  They included people appointed to their jobs by the king, religious leaders of the Anglican Church, and people with close business connections in Britain.

Many members of minority groups remained loyal to the king because they needed his protection against local majority groups.  Other people were loyal because they did not want change or because they believed that independence would not improve their lives. Some thought the actions of the British government were not bad enough to make a rebellion necessary.  Others did not believe that the rebels could win a war against such a powerful nation as Britain.


2.Doctors say the head injury called a concussion is more serious for children and young adults than people might think.  They say concussions also may take longer to heal among young people.

A concussion is an injury that happens when the brain is shaken inside the skull.  It can result from a hit to the head, a sudden stop in movement or violent shaking.  Falling off a bicycle, getting hit while playing a sport, or being involved in a car accident are a few of the common causes of concussion.

People who have concussions often have trouble thinking or remembering.  Concussions can also make a person feel very tired or angry.  Other signs of concussion are stomach and head pain, muscle weakness and a loss in sharpness of vision.

The National Institutes of Health says there are about one million cases of concussions each year in the United States.  Hundreds of thousands of them affect children or young adults involved in sports.  Some concussions are more severe than others. But doctors say all of them should be taken seriously.  Doctors say children are not necessarily dependable when reporting about their physical condition after a sports injury.  Many want to get back in the game, on the bike, or to the playground too soon after a head injury.

PTE writing practice passages-summarize written text






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18 thoughts on “PTE writing practice passages-summarize written text 79

  1. On 4th July,1776 ,the declaration of independence was approved and signed by delegates to the American continental congress and formed the new country knownas the united states of America, whereas, no one was sure about the victory of rebel against powerful nation Britian

  2. 1.Though American continental Congress signed a Declaration of Independence on July 4th,1776, not everyone was upon agreement about the formation of an independent country as many enjoyed the privileges under the king, few others did not have faith in a rebellion or a free state and so they still supported Britain.

    2. A concussion is an injury caused when the brain is shaken inside the skull resulting from sudden shaking or a blow to the head which ought to be taken quite seriously especially in adults and children as once affected, people have issues in their thinking and vision and which can lead to exhaustion.

  3. Not all the people in the United States accepted the formal independence on July fourth, 1776 includes the people benefited from the Britain in one or many ways or they had not a clear visibility of their future or some though that they are not powerful enough to fight against Britain.

  4. Concussion is a brain injury due to the head shaken inside the skull which affecting thousands of juvenile in the United States and causes the serious mental and physical problems which take longer time to cure; therefore any small injury in the head must not be underestimated.

  5. As independence declared on July fourth, 1776 but everyone was not agreeed on it and nobody knows exactly that how many american were loyal to Britain while some people were loyal because of their own personal perspective.

  6. 1. America was declared an independent nation from the powerful Great Britain on July 4, 1776 by delegates to the American Continental Congress which make up colonists with conflicting loyalties with approximately thirty percent still supporting Britain and another thirty percent supporting the separation and others remaining indifferent.
    2. The severity of concussion in children and young adult is higher than in other age groups, though underplayed but ought to be given more attention especially considering the fact that children might not be able to effectively communicate the effect of the brain injury which might cause symptoms such as fatigue, memory loss and learning disabilities among others.

  7. The American Continental Congress declared Independence on July Fourth, 1776, but there were the equal number of people who supported independence, Britain and neither side, so, still many people were not with independence because they thought the British government was not bad enough to make a rebellion necessary.

  8. There are about One million cases of the head injury which called concussions each year in the United States, most of them children and adolescents and it happens when the brain is shaken inside the skull and lead to severe many problems.

  9. Although a Declaration of Independence of United state of America was signed on 4th July, 1776, but there are many people who thought that it was very difficult to survive against such a powerful nation as Britain.

  10. Fourth July 1776 was declared as the independence day of USA though it is still not clear what percentage was against Britain. Americans had different reasons of associating with Britain in order to survive at that time.

    As per the doctors,head injury,concussion to be treated seriously among children and young adults;it has resulted into memory loss,losing sharpness of vision , bones weakness etc.

  11. With the emergence of independent United States of America there arises question of loyalty pertaining to Britain’s King where several groups had their own reasons to be loyal.

  12. A minor or major blow that shaken brain within can cause Concussion that affects the bearer’s body, memory and eye sight to which children are more reluctant to report especially involved in sports in United States.

  13. The higher authorities of american continental congress approved independence in 1776 fourth july on against of britain;the massachusetts political leader john adams believed that 33 percent was in favour with independence another 33 percent was in opposition;mostly minority people are supported to britain ;hence they want protect from upper class people.

  14. Concussion is dangerous disease mostly seen in children and young adults;it symptoms are violent shaking,unable to remember,stomach pain,bone weakness:hence these cases mostly seen in United States.

  15. Only one third of the population of united states supported the independence whereas the rest of the people either remained neutral or supported Britain for which they were loyal for several reasons.

  16. On July fourth, 1776 declaration of independence was signed by American Continental Congress but no one was sure who much of percentage of population was in favour or to oppose it, by looking at history experts 20 percent supported the Britain, people who were appointed by the king or religious groups, minorities who needed protection and people who think British rule was not that bad, however, others were neutral.

  17. A sudden movement or sudden stop of movement cause to shake brain inside skull which is called concussion, according to the national institutes of health each year one million cases of concussion occurs in US, as doctor says all the cases must be taken seriously because kids don’t report them just to get back quickly in their activities like biking sports.

  18. American Continental congress signed a declaration of independence on July Fourth, 1776 but at that time only twenty five percent of Americans supported the move and remaining includes people who worked for king or religious leader and some of them think that rebels could not win war against great Britain.

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