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PTE practice-summarize written text passages 80

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish each passage. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.


By the beginning of the 15th century, after a hundred years of construction, Florence Cathedral was still missing its dome. The building required an octagonal dome which would be higher and wider than any that had ever been built, with no external buttresses to keep it from spreading and falling under its own weight.

The building of such a masonry dome posed many technical problems. Filippo Brunelleschi, who is now seen as a key figure in architecture and perhaps the first modern engineer, looked to the great dome of the Pantheon in Rome for solutions. The dome of the Pantheon is a single shell of concrete, the formula for which had long since been forgotten. Soil filled with silver coins had held the Pantheon dome aloft while its concrete set. This could not be the solution in the case of the Florence Cathedral dome, due to its size. Another possible solution, the use of scaffolding, was also impractical because there was not enough timber in the whole of the region of Tuscany.

Brunelleschi would have to build the dome out of brick, due to its light weight compared to stone and being easier to form, and with nothing under it during construction. His eventual success can be attributed, in no small degree, to his technical and mathematical genius. Brunelleschi used more than four million bricks to create what is still the largest masonry dome in the world.


The information or misinformation we want our clothes to convey about status, age, occupation, opinions, mood and sexual tastes may make it hard for us to decide what to wear. What often happens in such cases is that the outer layer represents the external or public person and the inner one his or her private self. When both layers are visible the message, though contradictory, is easy to read. The woman in the sensible grey wool suit and the frilly pink blouse is a serious, hard-working mouse with a frivolous and feminine soul. If, on the other hand, she wears a curvy pink silk dressmaker suit over a plain mouse-grey sweater, we suspect her of being privately preoccupied or depressed no matter how charming and social her manner.

Many combinations of outer and inner message are possible. A costume may be childish without and adult within, like the bright ruffled apron over the severe dark dress which informs guests that a serious career woman is only playing at cooking. It may be casual and countrified without and citified within, like the tan cord suit of the architect which is worn with a business shirt and tie to reassure his clients that their buildings will not run over the cost estimate or fall down. Or it may be high-status without and low-status within – as with the elegant Italian suit of the rock star, beneath which a T-shirt printed with the image of a sweating beer can assures his fans that he is still at heart a tough, oversexed, working-class kid.

Even when the styles of the inner and outer layer are the same, there may be a significant difference in colour. Someone whose visible underlayer of clothing is red, for instance, may be telling us of the heat and passion beneath his or her subdued exterior When a colour combination is already conventional, however, its meaning is conventional rather than personal. The wearing of a white shirt with a dark suit does not mean that you are outwardly serious and inwardly honest and trustworthy, merely that this character type has always been considered desirable in business and the professions. The reverse outfit – the gambler’s white suit and dark shirt – suggests someone whose character and motives are somewhat shady, whatever the lightness and charm of his manner.

PTE practice-summarize written text passages



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20 thoughts on “PTE practice-summarize written text passages 80

  1. 1. Florence Cathedral, an architecture wasn’t getting succeed to build a dome, On the other hand, Filippo Brunelleschi has built largest masonry dome in the world.

  2. 1.Even by the beginning of 15th century, the construction of Florence Cathedral was still incomplete with its missing dome and therefore Filippo Brunelleschi, the architect, looked to great dome of Pantheon in Rome for technical solutions but finally, he was able to find bricks as the apt material for dome building which was light weight and easier to form.

    2.Sometimes the dress we put on portrays a very different picture about us from what we actually are but various combinations of attire with colors are possible to aptly convey about who the person really is like wearing a casual suit with a business shirt but with a tie which communicates about the professionalism of the person though colors are sometimes stereotyped.

  3. Until the beginning of the 15th century, Dome of the Florence Cathedral was not constructed due to its unusual design and size therefore Filippo Brunelleschi, who was the contemporary architect tried to find a solution from the different famous dome across the global but failed, eventually he could managed to build a light weighted dome with use of brick.

    1. after a hundred years of construction, Florence Cathedral was still missing its dome because of technical problems, but Brunelleschi would have to build the dome out of brick, in the end, he created largest masonry dome in the world.

  4. Our dressing sense depicts about our character, motives, status and mood, moreover colour of our dress also conveys our taste, nature and social behaviour.

  5. Florence Cathedral initially stood without dome which were required to support its weight, thus Filippo Brunelleschi constructed light weight dome with bricks by his technical and mathematical knowledge.

  6. Until the beginning of 15th Century and dome of Florance cathedral was missing due to lack of feasible and evitable architecture to build the world’s wider and higher dome; Brunelleschi inspected the dome of Pantheon in Rome to found the solution to build the dome with bricks which will make him successful as a technician and a mathematician

  7. Clothes tell a lot about the personality traits such as status, age, occupation, opinions, mood and sexual tastes etc.;Color also played a significant role to identify the nature of a person.

  8. 1. The largest masonry dome needed for Florence Cathedral was built out of bricks after ruling out the other available options, the soil filled with coins as in the great dome of Pantheon in Rome and the use of scaffolding, and the architect, Filippo Brunelleschi is considered as a genius due to this architectural brilliance.

    2. Dressing style conveys strong message on the character of the person no matter how contradicting his or actual behavior is, and this often lead us to confusion on what to choose for wearing.

  9. 1.From 15th of century, building was still missing dome due to technical reasons as size and availability of timber but eventually Filippo Brunelleschi build the ever largest dome with more than four million bricks.

    2.If we want to convey about us through clothes then it make hard for us to decide what to wear as many combinations are possible of inner and outer message which tell about various characteristics of a person.

    Guys favor plz if u think any changes are required in above text.

  10. Florence Cathedral was not having dome till 15th century because lake
    of engineering and technical problems, after taking an idea from pantheon dome
    Brunelleschi made it possible using four million bricks, which is known as
    masonry dome.

  11. Florence Cathedral was missing an octagonal dome,which was constructed at the beginning of 15th century ,in order to solve this issue filippo brunelleschi an architecture has came forward with two methods:concrete formula,scaffolding both are not given appropriate solutions:later by using bricks method , and hence achieved a got success.

    It is very difficult to represent our status,age and occupation through our clothes;in some cases if we look at inner and outer combinations it specifies some information,if a women wears ruffled apron on dark dress conveys she is perfect in cooking,in addition to that if a person wears white shirt with dark suit it is suitable for business and professional people..

  12. Florence Cathedral dome always seemed challenge due to its gigantic size where concrete and scaffolding would not done much, therefore Filippo Brunelleschi had to made it out of bricks, that masterpiece symbolizes now his architectural skills.

  13. Our clothes unveiled a lot about our personality and attitude where combination of inner and outer layer of clothes along with color combinations represent ones profession.

  14. The dressing style depicts the outer presentation of a person for their professional life while the inner layer is contradictory with the outer one.

  15. The missing octagonal dome of Florence Cathedral, the largest masonry dome in the world has faced many technical problem in its construction, first modern engineer “Filippo Brunelleschi” tried many of his techniques to construct it but failed, finally using his technical and mathematical knowledge he constructed it USING four million BRICKS.

  16. 1. Filippo Brunelleschi, the first modern engineer, finally used more than four million bricks to create the largest masonry dome in the world i.e., ‘Florence Cathedral’, which was under construction for more than a hundred years in the 15th century.

    2. The personality which represents the status, age, occupation, mood is defined by the combination of the costume which is the outer layer and represents the external or public person, and the inner one his or her private self, tough sometimes both the layers could completely be different in practical.

  17. The mathematical and technical mastermind Filippo Brunelleschi created the largest dome in the world for Florence cathedral, after facing technical issues because of its size and weight, however, Filippo resolved this issue by building dome without a brick.

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