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PTE writing practice-summarize written text exercise 91

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You will have 10 minutes to finish each passage.Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.

1.There is an average of around 480,000 passengers that ride in a taxi in NSW every day in NSW (NSW Taxi Council). There are limited empirical data available on the reasons for, and characteristics of those, using taxi services. Business commuters and tourists are thought to be those most likely to account for a large proportion of rides during the day, while taxi usage spikes on Friday and Saturday nights where other transport options are limited. In addition to these main user groups, however, taxi services are utilised by a large cross section of the community.

In particular, taxis provide a vital service for communities and specific groups where alternative public transport options are limited or non-existent. For example, taxis service a wide range of special transport needs that are not always met by mass transit options (e.g. bus or train) including:

·people with restricted mobility or wheelchair accessible requirements;

· hospital/patient transfers;

· school children with disabilities through the Assisted Schools Travel Program;

· vision impairment, including those travelling with guide dogs;

· Veterans and family members covered by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs;

· The aged and frail



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22 thoughts on “PTE writing practice-summarize written text exercise 91

  1. Taxis provide a vital service for communities and specific groups where alternative public transport options are limited or non-existent.

  2. Data provided by the NSW( taxi council ) indicates 480.000 people travel by taxi every day mainly tourists and business commuters,taxis are most used on weekends due to the limited transport availabilities and the taxis serve a mass range of users eg the disabled, school children’s,hospital patients,visionimpairemt people,veterans and family members of those covered by veterans.

  3. In nsw most people use mode of transportation is taxi service due to lack of other transportation service,nonetheless taxi afford a wide range of options for people like disabled person transfer,patient transfer.

  4. NSW taxi service not only serve specific group of people everyday but also serve people with specific travel needs that involves disabled adults and children, hospital transfers and senior citizens.

  5. Designing spaces using VR technology is lot more quicker and cost effective than traditional methods to satisfy customer needs by providing real experience of the proposed design, its impact and verify its suitability.

  6. Taxi is one of most used service regularly by business people, tourists and also it is essential for who do not have an alternate source to travel those are handicapped ,mentally or physically disorder kids and old people.

  7. 1.Besides majorly serving business commuters and tourists, taxis in NSW, compliment public transport not only by providing services in the areas with limited or no mass transit options but also by transporting people from specific groups who have special requirements that cannot be always available in public transport.

    2. Use of VR has not only enhanced customer experience and minimized turnaround time, unlike for physical prototypes, but also has enabled enterprises to effectively communicate with customers with the mixture of three core elements – engage, persuade and inform.

  8. Taxis in NSW service a large number of people every day from varying backgrounds and communities including business visitor and tourists as well as people requiring special aid such as hospital patients, children with disability and people travelling with pets but most commonly they are used by a large section of society living in the areas where they is no public transport available.

  9. Taxi services in NSW is utilized by large communities, mainly tourists on weekends, which is considered to be a reliable transport option and has many advantages over buses and trains.

  10. Lack of transport options during Friday and Saturday nights makes high usage of NSW taxi service at the same it also serve specific group of people like children, hospital patients and retired ones.

  11. With the help of VR in real estate it is possible to design spaces, test, refine and enhance it virtually thereby improving overall customer experience at effective cost and the business.

  12. Though there is no empirical data available on the type people who taxi or reasons, it can be safely said that predominant taxi users are business users, tourists and people with disabilities.

    VR and AR can be used to test user experience by letting them Engage, Persuade and Inform them about the product even before it is being produced thus bringing down the cost with quick turnaround time.

  13. In NSW, 480,000 passengers travel by taxi mostly business commuters and tourist because taxi provides highly service for communities and specific group,moreover, alternative bus and train are limited option for disable people,school children,family and aged people.

  14. Not only tourists but also wide range of other groups like communities, school children and veteran use Taxi service due to many advantages of taxi like more access to limited directions and day´s restrictions

  15. Not only tourists but also wide range of other groups like communities, school children and veterans use Taxi service due to many advantages of it like more access to limited directions and day´s restrictions.

  16. VR process can create experience of testing, immersing and validate notions in which engaging, encouraging and informing clients can be done with assuming lower costs and faster than practical prototype.

  17. The taxi services in NSW are in vital use during days and most likely during Friday and Saturday nights by the particular communities and specific group where alternative public transport are not or limited existent.

  18. On an average 480,000 peoples daily travel on NSW taxis that include business commuters and tourists mostly. Rush increases on Friday and Saturday because of limited availability of other sources of transport. School Children, visually impaired, veterans, aged people use taxis at most.

  19. Around 480,000 passengers travel in a taxi in NSW, business commuters, and tourist accounts large range in the count, also taxi usage increases on Friday and Saturday nights, in addition, taxi users are from different groups and most users of taxi are from areas where public transport option are limited or not present.
    The main purpose of VR is the ability to design spaces and experiences virtually, according to Robbie Robertson validating their ideas with customers is prominent importance and there are three core elements provided by VR and AR like Engage, persuade, and inform.

  20. On an average 480000 passengers use taxi services in NSW, which majorly include business commuters and tourists, and it provides vital services to the people with particular disabilities in the absence of alternative transport options.

  21. VR and AR can be used to provide a mixture of elements like Engage, Persuade, and Inform in the customer experience journey, and it gives the ability to design spaces for customer virtually, to test, refine, and enhance at a lower cost.

  22. Taxi services in NSW provide a vital service for communities and are daily used by passengers which are include the varieties of people like business commuters,tourists and some body who has some limitations. t

    VR is an amazing and exiting technology which people can experience virtual world and in Robbie Robertson’s opinion, lead partner in this brand, VR provide a mixture of engage, Persuade and inform.

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