PTE writing sample-summarize written text passages 81

Read the passages below and summarize them using one sentence in not more than 75 words(30-35 words). Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish each passage. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.


Islands have always fascinated the human mind. Perhaps it is the instinctive response of man, the land animal, welcoming a brief intrusion of earth in the vast, overwhelming expanse of sea. When sailing in a great ocean basin, a thousand miles from the nearest continent, with miles of water beneath the ship, one may come upon an island which has been formed by a volcanic eruption under the sea. One’s imagination can follow its slopes down through darkening waters to its base on the sea floor. One wonders why and how it arose there in the midst of the ocean.

The birth of a volcanic island is an event marked by prolonged and violent travail: the forces of the earth striving to create, and all the forces of the sea opposing. At the place where the formation of such an island begins, the sea floor is probably nowhere more than about fifty miles thick. In it are deep cracks and fissures, the results of unequal cooling and shrinkage in past ages. Along such lines of weakness the molten lava from the earth’s interior presses up and finally bursts forth into the sea. But a submarine volcano is different from a terrestrial eruption, where the lava, molten rocks, and gases are hurled into the air from an open crater. Here on the bottom of the ocean the volcano has resisting it all the weight of the ocean water above it. Despite the immense pressure of, it may be, two or three miles of sea water, the new volcanic cone builds upwards towards the surface, in flow after flow of lava. Once within reach of the waves, its soft ash is violently attacked by the motion of the water which continually washes away its upper surface, so that for a long period the potential island may remain submerged. But eventually, in new eruptions, the cone is pushed up into the air, where the lava hardens and forms a rampart against the attacks of the waves.


2.Although only as old as the century, jazz has grown so rapidly and in so many different directions that a newcomer might well feel bewildered. In a mere nine decades, the music has moved from the simple structures and harmonies of its beginnings, through the developing sophistication of the 1920s and 1930s, the complexities of bebop and post-hop in the 1940s and 1950s, outright abstraction in the 1960s, jazz-rock-fusion in the 1970s, and into the pluralism of the post-fusion period.

Further confusion is caused by the fact that even when a phase or movement has passed its peak, it is still not over and done with. Virtually all styles and approaches continue to exist simultaneously, and any radical innovation is often accompanied by a reassertion of earlier styles: with the advent of bebop there was also a revival of traditional New Orleans, Chicago and Dixieland jazz, arid with the experimentations of more recent years came a revival of bebop. The very notion of what constitutes jazz is nowadays highly problematic – and doubtless this book will add to the controversy, both by what it omits and by what it includes.



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  1. Islands have always fascinated the human mind.When sailing in a great ocean basin one may come upon an island which has been formed by a volcanic eruption under the sea. The curiosity of its let them know that the birth of a volcanic island is an event marked by prolonged and violent travai at a sea floor of about more than fifty miles thick.

  2. In a mere nine decades the music has moved from simple structure and harmonies to more sofistication as an jazz rock fusion in 1970’s leading to more problematic, what include in jazz music and what it omit as even radical innovation is often accompanied by a reassertion of earlier styles.

  3. Due to the unequal cooling and shrinking, the floor of the sea deeply cracks and fissures from where the molten lava erupts and blow towards the sea level multiple times and that results into the volcanic island.

  4. Jazz music got its popularity in last century, however, due to new sophisticated changes into the jazz over the period since 1920, people are now even more confused about what actual jazz has included and what it has excluded.

  5. The result of opposing forces from earth and sea resulted into the formation of an island when the molten rocks under the cracked earth surfaces erupted deep under the sea as volcano.

  6. The rapid multi-directional growth of Jazz music often confusing due to its complexity structure and finding if the new genre has incorporated earlier style or removed it.

  7. A volcanic eruption in which the pressure of the earth striving and all the forces of the sea opposing lead to create volcanic island.

  8. Islands are formed from the hardening of lava under the sea and it’s a prolonged and complex process of pushing submerged cone of lava to the surface of water.

  9. Volcanic island resulted from the terrestrial eruption of molten lava at the bottom of the sea while submarine volcano island formed when this molten lava erupted against sea floor that eventually carries it away up to the surface.

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