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PTE listening multiple choice multiple answers practice 2

PTE listening multiple choice multiple answers practice questions

Listen to the recording and answer the multiple choice question by selecting all the correct response.


Which TWO of the following tips are NOT given by the speaker?

A. Pay off your debts first.
B. Look after what you own.

C.Don’t go shopping when you’ve had a bad day.
D. Don’t spend what you don’t have.

E.Replace your car every four years.
F. Buy things second-hand.

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A – nothing is mentioned about this ,E – his advice is to keep your car for an extra year (i.e. 5 years, not 4)


Which TWO of the statements below agree with the speaker’s advice?

How to establish a routine for your toddler:

A. Parents should include the child’s sleep times in their schedules.
B. Meal times don’t need to be included in parents’ plans.

C. This is an easy task for most parents.
D. The parent must establish a routine before expecting the child to follow one.
E. Busy parents need help with their children.

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A,D (sleep times = nap times)


Which of the following statements are true?

A. The smart fridge is an essential component of kitchens.
B. It is technologically advanced in comparison with other fridges.
C. It alerts users when foods reach their expiry date.
D. It can help consumers when they are out shopping.
E. It is able to make decisions about food purchases.
F. It can tell users which foods are healthier.

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B,C,D.Note:“A” is wrong: the company (LG) hope that the fridge will become an essential component of kitchens, but that doesn’t mean it IS an essential component now.“E” is wrong: the fridge doesn’t make the decisions. It helps the user to make them.“F” is wrong: it suggests healthy recipes using the food inside, but it doesn’t tell you which foods are healthier.

PTE listening multiple choice multiple answers practice



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