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PTE writing summarize written text practice material 51

PTE writing summarize written text practice material

PTE writing summarize written text practice material.Read the passage below and summarize it using one sentence. Type your response in the comment section at the bottom of the screen. You have 10 minutes to finish this task. Your response will be judged on the quality of your writing and on how well your response presents the key points in the passage.


It has long been apparent that Australian healthcare needs to change to manage multiple challenges, not the least of which is a sharp rise in the demand for care of chronic illnesses, driven primarily by an ageing population and lifestyle factors.

Trials of more coordinated models of care conducted 15 years ago saw some changes to how care is funded and delivered, but far too few. Now, we have little choice but to change the way healthcare is delivered as well as its quality and value.

Transformation in healthcare must result in a system that does not incentivise activity for the sake of activity but instead values outcomes and the right activity happening in the right place. It will be a system that looks at the delivery of care from the consumer’s viewpoint rather than through the lens of a particular healthcare setting or medical profession.

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Just a few years ago, in the era of physical recorded music formats, music and radio were completely separate segments of Entertainment & Media (E&M). Radio plays of the latest sounds would attract audiences and advertising. But if those listeners wanted to have their favourite tracks available to listen to on demand, they would have to buy them in a physical format to play at home – generating revenues for the record companies. It was a symbiotic relationship in which the role of each segment was clearly delineated. Digital has blurred that clear dividing line, with

Digital has blurred that clear dividing line, with rapidly-expanding online and mobile music streaming services now challenging for at least some of radio’s core customer base – and the overlap being at its greatest between Internet radio and digital streaming. The momentum is with streaming: as Figure 1 shows, digital music streaming revenue is set to rise at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 22.2% over the five years to 2020, against a CAGR of just 2.1% for total radio revenue. However, while the two sectors have converged in some respects and do overlap to an extent, this doesn’t mean that digital music and radio are competing with one another aggressively. In fact, both have their own unique strengths, and a long-term future as viable components of the E&M landscape.

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PTE writing summarize written text practice material





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15 thoughts on “PTE writing summarize written text practice material 51

  1. Australian healthcare is facing several challenges due to its ageing population and their lifestyle, overhauling the system to promote result oriented and value driven activities is a must.

  2. Australia’s ageing population and their lifestyle presents multiple challenges to its healthcare system, which needs overhauling to promote result oriented and value driven activities.

  3. Digital media has smudged the line between music and radio, providing music at demand digital media streaming is set to generate subsequently higher revenue than radio in coming years.

  4. 1. The call for changes in the delivery, quality and values of Australian healthcare service is on demand due to multiple challenges related to ageing population and lifestyle; primarily, such changes are suggested to be more result oriented and organized, focusing majorly on customer’s need.

    2. Digitization has overcome the boundaries of traditional Entertainment & Media (E&M) as various music stores are available online but it does not necessarily mean that radio should be considered outdated; in fact both digital music and radio have their own characteristics/benefits which can help them to survive together in future.

  5. Driven primarily by the ageing population and lifestyle factors, the care of diseases like chronic illness has been a challenge for the Australian Healthcare to deal with; thus, it’s apparent that the Australian Health care system undergoes some transformation to effectively deal with such challenges and to deliver the healthcare in a proper way as well as to maintain its quality and value.

  6. The evolution of Digital Technology has reduced the gap between music and radio segments, both with unique features and strengths, and it is expected that the digital streaming revenue will rise upto several times than the radio revenue in the coming years.

  7. This lecture is about the issues in Australian healthcare system, which is 15 years old and its need to change according to current factors, considering end-user and improving quality to the need.

  8. Ageing population and lifestyle factors have contributed many challenges towards the Australian health care system so that change the system which gives the quality of care and value more towards to consumer point of view.

  9. Digital media has streaked the line between the music and the radio digital media plays the tremendous role to generate the higher revenue than the radio in the future.

  10. Chronic illnesses care breaking the reluctances of Australian Healthcare Systems to improve the quality and value as per consumer’s expectations at the right time and place with respect to the high demands.

    Although Digital Media expansion impacted record companies business but with the ongoing trend internet radio and digital streaming will sustain and keep serving in their respected zones in E&M.

  11. Australian health care system requires to transform in order to render quality and value service as per the expectation of the customers instead of following suits of specific healthcare setting and medical profession.

  12. Augment of digital music has raised concerned for the radio station as the projected growth of the digital music will be around twenty times higher than radio, however both the media has their own novel strength that will bring them long term in E&M industry.

  13. Australian healthcare required changes to address the challenges due to ageing population and change in the lifestyle, therefore, the new changes must ensures the value and quality outcome as well as delivery should be focused from the customer’s perspective.

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