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The country is a better place for children to grow up than a large city is. Do you agree or disagree

Having lived in both the country and the city, I am inclined to favor the city as a place to raise children. Not every city, of course, is equally desirable Some cities are extremely dangerous, whereas others are relatively safe and pleasant. On the whole, however, I think the advantage rests with the cities,

Although the city is often criticized for its crime rate, there is also certain security in living in a city. If a child gets into trouble, there is often some source of help nearby, such as a police station or a public information desk. Such assistance is not readily available in the country, where one is relatively isolated and must rely on one’s own resources when emergencies arise. Here is a hypothetical example. Your small child suddenly falls ill. In which place is medical care more easily available: the country, many kilometers from the nearest hospital or clinic, or a city, where a hospital emergency room may be only a few seconds away? In such a case, the city clearly is preferable.

Urban dangers such as traffic are often emphasized, but it is seldom pointed out that rural areas have their particular dangers too. A child playing beside a lake may fall in and drown. Wild animals present a certain threat as well. It is a mistake to think that the country is necessarily safer than the cíty merely because the dangers in rural areas are more “natural.” A threat is a threat,
wherever it may occur.

In short, a child in the country may grow up with an appreciation of birds, flowers, and trees but miss priceless cultural opportunities available in cities. My choice would be the city. It may have its ugly aspects, but on the whole, its advantages outweigh them.

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