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PTE Academic reading fill blanks practice test 36

PTE Academic reading fill blanks practice test PTE Academic reading fill blanks practice test.In the text below some words are missing.Fill the blanks from the words provided after the text.

PTE Academic reading filling blanks practice sample 9

filling blanks practice

PTE Academic Reading filling blanks practice questions 1.West Point researchers found that using a laptop or tablet in the classroom had ……………an overall drop of roughly one-fifth of a standard deviation.Students who were allowed………………… use of their laptops or tablets performed with an 18 per cent reduction, while those with a modified tablet access saw […]

PTE Academic Listening fill in the blanks practice 1

PTE Academic listening fill in the blanks   Audio 1 One seminal difference between the policy remains ;the __________has not matched what is Labor’s most important innovation promise.That is to bring together responsibilities for innovation , industry ,science and research under one single federal minister. Innovation responsibilities ___________ lie within the powerful Department of Education and […]