Company’s top level authorities should get their Employees in decision-making process. Discus Organisations involve employees in decision making process of their products and services. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Employees in decision-making

Employees in decision-making

Top level managers are always in need of delegation to make day to day decisions. Deploying employees in decision making can be risky at times. Many higher level authorities feel that employees should be utilised to do what they are initially hired to do. On the contrary, others want to push them to responsible positions of decision making. Both sides will be critiqued before reasoned conclusion is found.


Today many hold the idea that employee’s involvement in the decision-making process may damage the company. For example, various factors need to be considered prior to making any decision. An unhedged risk may lead to substantial losses. This exemplifies that only a mature managers should participate in decision making of the firm.
Conversely, involving employees in decision making may bring out the inside hidden talent for the benefit of the company. Say for instance, often it is the employees who deal with chests directly and know exactly what initiatives will best serve the organisation. Thus, it goes without saying that authorities must back employees and push them in a role of decision making.

All in all, after diligently analysing these two point of views, it is believed that employee participation in decision-making with the support of management is be beneficial to the company. It’s is felt that, advantages of employees involvement is decision making outweigh the disadvantages.



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