PTE Academic re order reading exercise 33

PTE Academic re order reading exercise

PTE Academic re order reading exercise.The text below have been placed in a random order. Re order paragraphs in the original order.


A.However, the theater seems to have been used as a space for something other than entertainment – the experts speculate that it could have been a religious center instead.

B.A team of researchers have finally found the missing link in the ancient Israeli city of Hippos-Sussita.

C.Through the discovery of a large theater and a bathhouse, they have declared it was almost definitely occupied during peacetime.

D.Following discoveries of a large bronze mask of the Greek god Pan and a monumental gate,

E.they were searching for the last piece of evidence to ascertain the era and purpose of the rich site.



A.Tewksbury spent a short time behind bars before being freed.

B.During the last part of the 19th century, two Arizona ranching families, the Grahams and Tewksburys, engaged in a long-running bloody battle.

C.The feud came to a violent end with the 1892 murder of Tom Graham, the last survivor of his family involved in the feud, who was ambushed by Ed Tewksbury in Tempe, Arizona.

D.That resulted in the deaths of 20 or more people, by some estimates.

E.The exact details of how the so-called Pleasant Valley War was ignited in the early 1880s are unknown, but accusations of cattle-rustling likely played a role.


A.In spite of the team’s name, the squad was born 800 miles west of Harlem in the south side of Chicago.

B.After a pay dispute, several players bolted the Savoy Big Five in 1928 to form a new barnstorming team known as the Globe Trotters.

C.In 1926, a group of former basketball players from Chicago’s Wendell Phillips High School reunited to play for the Giles Post American Legion basketball team that barnstormed around the Midwest.

D.The Harlem Globetrotters originated in Chicago.

E.The following year, the team became known as the Savoy Big Five while playing home games as pre-dance entertainment at Chicago’s newly opened Savoy Ballroom.

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1. B,D,E,C,A 2. B,D,E,C,A 3. D,A,C,E,B

PTE Academic re order reading exercise

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6 thoughts on “PTE Academic re order reading exercise 33

  1. Hi Admin,

    Can you (or anyone) explain in the second question, why the answer is BDECA and not BDEAC ?

    Sentence E has no reference or link with any of the remaining 4 sentences then how can we put it at the right place or position ?

    1. Hi Sandeep
      who was ambushed by Ed Tewksbury in Tempe, Arizona.
      to complete the paragraph option A is most viable as “Tewksbury spent a short time behind bars before being freed” He was punished for the crime.

      1. Hi Admin,
        Sorry, I guess I typed-in the wrong combination, what I was asking is I agree BD and CA is correct combo, but all I wanted to know how can I figure out that sentence E should come after ‘BD’ and not after ‘CA’……it seemed to me as one sort of a Secondary Independent Sentence that has no reference with the combo ‘BD’ and ‘CA’ ?

        Please don’t be annoyed this is something I really wanted to crack-down on, I mostly failed to figure this logic.

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