PTE Academic reading collocation list 5 - PTE Academic study guide

PTE Academic reading collocation list 5

PTE Academic

PTE Academic reading collocation list 5

# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
825   foreign adj investment n  
826   foreign adj investor n  
827   foreign adj policy n  
828   formal adj structure n  
829   free adj access n  
830   free adj movement n  
831   freely adv available adj  
832 (be) frequently adv cited vpp  
833 (be) frequently adv found vpp  
834 (be) frequently adv referred vpp (to)
835 (be) frequently adv used vpp  
836   fulfil (an) v obligation n  
837   full adj analysis n  
838   full adj employment n  
839   full adj information n  
840   full adj participation n  
841   full adj potential n  
842 (a, the) full adj range n (of)
843   fuller adj discussion n  
844   fully adv aware adj  
845 (be) fully adv developed vpp  
846 (be) fully adv informed vpp  
847 (be) fully adv integrated vpp  
848 (be) fully adv realized vpp  
849   fully adv understand v  
850   functional adj requirement n  
851   fundamental adj aspect n  
852   fundamental adj assumption n  
853   fundamental adj change n  
854   fundamental adj component n  
855   fundamental adj difference n  
856   fundamental adj importance n  
857   fundamental adj principle n  
858   fundamental adj problem n  
859   fundamental adj question n  
860   fundamentally adv different adj  
861   further adj analysis n  
862   further adj consideration n  
863   further adj development n  
864 (be) further adv divided vpp (into)
865   further adj evidence n  
866   further adj explanation n  
867   further adj information n  
868   further adj investigation n  
869   further adj research n  
870   further adj study n  
871   future adj development n  
872   future adj prospects n  
873   future adj research n  
874   future adj study n  
875   gain v access n (to)
876   gain v information n  
877   gain v insight n (into)
878   gather v data n  
879   gather v information n  
880   gender n equality n  
881   gender n stereotype n  
882   general adj agreement n  
883   general adj approach n  

reading collocation

PTE Academic reading collocation list


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
884   general adj argument n  
885   general adj aspect n  
886   general adj category n  
887   general adj conclusion n  
888   general adj consensus n  
889   general adj definition n  
890   general adj feature n  
891   general adj formula n  
892   general adj overview n  
893   general adj principle n  
894   general adj statement n  
895   general adj tendency n  
896   general adj theory n  
897   general adj trend n  
898 (be) generally adv accepted vpp  
899   generally adv agree v  
900 (be) generally adv assumed vpp  
901 (be) generally adv considered vpp  
902 (be) generally adv found vpp  
903 (be) generally adv known vpp (as, by)
904   genetic adj variation n  
905   geographic(al) adj area n  
906   geographic(al) adj distribution n  
907   geographic(al) adj location n  
908   get v involved adj (with/in)
909   give v access n (to)
910   give v consent n  
911   give v consideration n  
912   give v emphasis n  
913   give v evidence n  
914   give v feedback n  
915   give v priority n (to)
916   give v guidance n  
917   give v information n  
918   give v insight n (into)
919   give (a) v presentation n  
920   give (an) v explanation n  
921   give (an) v indication n (of)
922   give (an) v overview n (of)
923   give (sb an) v impression n  
924   give (sb) v treatment n  
925   given adj information n  
926   given adj period n  
927   global adj capitalism n  
928   global adj context n  
929   global adj culture n  
930   global adj economy n  
931   global adj issue n  
932   global adj market n  
933   global adj marketplace n  
934   global adj media n  
935   global adj network n  
936   global adj perspective n  
937   global adj shift n  
938   global adj structure n  
939   global adj trade n  
940   global adj village n  
941   government n control n  
942   government n department n  


PTE Academic reading collocation list 5


# Addition Component I POS I Component II POS II Addition
943   government n expenditure n  
944   government n intervention n  
945   government n policy n  
946   graphical adj representation n  
947   great adj accuracy n  
948   great adj diversity n  
949   great adj impact n  
950   great adj majority n  
951   great adj potential n  
952 (a) great adj proportion n (of)
953 (a) great adj range n (of)
954   great adj significance n  
955   greater adj autonomy n  
956   greater adj awareness n  
957   greater adj emphasis n  
958   greater adj equality n  
959   greater adj flexibility n  
960   greater adj likelihood n  
961   greatly adv enhance v  
962   greatly adv increase v  
963 (be) greatly adv influenced vpp (by)
964 (be) greatly adv reduced vpp  
965   grow v rapidly adv  
966   growing adj awareness n  
967   growing adj trend n  
968   guiding adj principle n  
969   hardly adv surprising adj  
970   have v access n (to)
971   have v consequences n  
972   have v limitations n  
973   have v potential n  
974   have (a) v strategy n  
975   have (a) v tendency n (to)
976   have (an) v obligation n  
977   heated adj debate n  
978 (be) heavily adv influenced vpp (by)
979   hierarchical adj structure n  
980   high adj concentration n  
981   high adj correlation n  
982   high adj expectations n  
983   high adj incidence n  
984   high adj intensity n  
985   high adj level n  
986   high adj order n  
987   high adj percentage n  
988   high adj priority n  
989   high adj probability n  
990   high adj profile n  
991 (a) high adj proportion n (of)
992   high adj quality n  
993   high adj rate n  
994   high adj score n  
995   high adj standard n  
996   high adj status n  
997   high adj turnover n  
998   high adj unemployment n  
999   high adj value n  
1000   high/er adj frequency n  
1001 (a) higher adj degree n (of)

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