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native region sample essa

Many people think that regions affect successful person. What is your opinion about native region and accomplished person’s influence on the region he belongs to

Whether one’s success is very much dependent on his or her native regions is a debatable topic. This essay will express complete disagreement with this statement and will offer reasons for this viewpoint.

To begin with, a variety of reasons can be offered to explain why I am not in favour of this. Foremost among these, I believe that achieving success in life depends on many factors such as determination, discipline, clear visions of your goals and ambitions, motivation and most importantly hard work. Moreover, support from friends and family around you would also play an important part in your journey to success. Although there is no doubt that being in a good and cohesive environment is beneficial, a person who is disciplined and determined to achieve his goals will find ways to his success no matter where they are.

Firstly to accomplish anything in life required immense hard work and commitment. Success means earning respectable position, monetary gains and secured future. Industrious as a key has a lion’s share in achieving success and remarkable position in the society. Moreover, people those who have marked themselves as examples for others have burnt the midnight oil for reaching at desired positions. To illustrate, people like, Bill Gates, Ratan Tata, APJ Abdul Kalam and list goes other eminent personalities are the perfect cases of successful leaders in their respective fields.

To wrap up, the connection between people belong to native regions and accomplished forks have a very small or trivial effect in overall success stories of any person. Basic fundamentals will remain static and identical to earn respectable position in this universe


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  1. Today the world is enriching with development and quality ideas. People have contributed the world to make rapid progress. Those are the successful people who make themselves prominent by flourishing their success. There are multiple factors behind their success, people usually identify due to the regions.

    One the main pivotal factor which make the people successful such as their environment where they live. If they are living around the people who are active and more focusing towards their goal of life, then it motivates to be more focused towards in achieving goals and objectives of life. The person who lives among people who care about their health, he will also take care of it. But if the people around are lazy and are living without good vision for their career then the person will be lazy and limited in achieving goals of life even he is well determined because the approach in focusing the targets will be deteriorate.

    The place where the person lives also plays a vital role in trait of a person. If the region where he lives is pollution free. He will be more productive and will accelerate his goals and will be able to make innovative idea towards in achieving his success.

    In conclusion, environment and people life style around are very important in making the persons more progressive towards in success of life.

  2. Hello,

    I am confused about the topic in question. Is it ‘How region affects success of an Individual?’ OR ‘successful person’s influence on the region he belongs to?

  3. Needless to say that the native region has a profound influence on the success of a person .This has been explained in better way under below.

    The Native region is the place where an individual has actually been brought up . He is ingrained with the thoughts , beliefs , customs and traditions which are inculcated in him since he is born . These values are engulfed by him and gives him an individuality. Furthermore, all these lead to his accomplishments when he develops into a mature person.Since the time a child is born, he is nurtured in his land which gives him paramount courage to face the life challenges . This is particularly when he develops an intellect of his own .

    Concurrently, the education sustains him to survive in his surroundings and fight against the odds. With this, he develops the approach of visionary , farsightedness and moreover an identity of his own . Furthermore, there is an exchange of the bond between the two.This is particularly when a person goes through real litmus test and emerges as a true outlier , this gives much more recognition to his native region and people who acted as a stepping process in this process. It gives immense pleasure and a sense of proud when a native person outdoes in the real world.
    My belief is that, there is a social fabric between both the individual and the society . The society helps in the upbringing of a person and the person as a dutiful citizen pays them off

  4. Regions are the places where person lives from childhood, and develop into a respectable personality. Some people argue that region affects the successful person and influence his achievement. I am agree with this statement up to some extent.
    To commence with, man lives at his native place which help him to grow and learn many things that will become experiences for him. These experience aid him to flourish in a society and to gain success. He can achieve his goals easily if he is developing in a cohesive and comfortable environment.
    On the flip side, some people believe that success of a man depends on various factors like determination, hard work, passion etc. A man cannot attain success in his life without a specific goal or ambition. Moreover, industrious as a key plays a Lion’s share in obtaining success for a man. The successful people who become examples now have burnt midnight oil to get the desired positions in their lives.
    Hammering on the last nail, I would like to say that a person requires a conducive environment along with massive hard work and determination to fulfil his ambitions.

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