PTE essay-mass communication influence our lives especially the children

How mass communication influence our lives especially the children. Discuss advantages and disadvantages.


If there ever was a time that was the pinnacle of Mass Communication, it is now. We’re living in the age of Mass COMM with so many varied channels and new ones slowly cropping up everywhere. Mass Communication has gone beyond just Television and Radio. With the advent of Internet and Social Media, it has evolved to a whole new level where people are becoming increasingly connected across the globe and boundaries are steadily dissolving.

Children are being very influenced by Mass Communication even before they go to school and start learning subjects from their teachers. The ill-effects of Mass Communication in children are becoming prominent and the world is realizing the need for appropriate measures needed to safeguard innocent minds against the dark side of the Mass Communication world.

There are many advantages of Mass COMM channels such as they provide quick and straightforward access to a world of Information. Their ability to connect people living in different parts of the globe has made information exchange a simple and integral part of our daily lives. The opportunity to learn useful and exciting things in a fun and interactive way brought on by Mass Communication is truly unparalleled and unlike any other prior to the Information age. The most important advantage of Mass Communication is the practical knowledge gained that’s generally not imparted in an academic institution.

There are many disadvantages too.The risks of exposing children to Mass Communication at an early age can prove to be very harmful and life-threatening as well. The most dangerous part is that children may come across manipulative strangers on the Internet who may cause significant emotional and physical damage. Secondly, access to inappropriate content like Pornography, Violence, etc. permanently alters the behaviour and mindset of the child. The chance of sensitive personal information falling into the wrong hands is also very high. Lastly, Mass Communication channels tend to be addictive and can disrupt healthy social interactions.
For instance, a very recent example of the life-threatening effects of Mass Communication is the recent case of a 14-year old Mumbai jumping to his death from seven-storeys high. He was motivated by an online game named the ‘Blue Whale Challenge’ that encourages teenagers to perform dangerous acts and finally take their own lives. Thus, we see how a simple online game doing the rounds on the Internet can incite young, intelligent children to harm themselves.

There are innumerable benefits to be obtained from Mass Communication channels like daily access to news and updates, music, fascinating games, and movies. While Mass COMM is a storehouse of information and knowledge, the slightest misuse can tip over the individual, be it adult or child to the dark and dangerous side. Cases of suicides, online bullying, negative information, etc. are on the rise. The key is to educate yourself and children to extract only the important things and to be wary of the many dangers of Mass Communication. If the powers of Mass COMM are harnessed in the right way, it will enrich and continue to transform the world.

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