People usually mix their private and professional life.What are the pros and cons of this?

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PTE essay private and professional life

Some people state that Employees should keep their private lives and personal activities as separate as possible from a workplace .Others say that private and professional lives must go hand in hand to foster the growth of an individual as well as the company. The issue is a controversial one as both the methods has its own pro and cons. I would say that private lives can be mingled with professional lives up to a limit that will not harm the productivity at work.

Firstly, the employees that work in a company will have better relations if they share their personal lives with each other. It fosters a positive feeling and understanding amongst colleagues at work. This will help them to work in groups and thus the work can be solved in a quicker and in an effective way. But, if there is too much interaction regarding private lives in the office, it would lead to no work and only gossips that would hamper the work as the employees will be busy discussing their private lives and personal activities at a workplace.  Thus the efficiency of employees will decrease. Hence, a mixture of both lives must be balanced.

Secondly, If a person keeps himself/herself aloof from other colleagues he may not find his workplace a better place to work. This may have a negative effect on him and thus his productivity may decrease. He/She may have some personal problems due to which he lacks concentration in his work. But as he has no one discusses, he keeps to himself the problem that may hamper his work. In this case, he cannot share his work load amongst other people. This in turn may have a negative effect on his performance. However, if the colleagues have better relationships with people around he can discuss the problems and can get better help and suggestions which may be helpful to him without affecting his work.

To conclude, Private and Professional life must be in proportion at workplace so that people do work and in addition, have fun. This will have a positive effect on employees.

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