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PTE speaking describe image sample answer 17

PTE SPEAKING DESCRIBE IMAGE SAMPLE ANSWER PTE speaking describe image sample answer.Look at the images below and describe in detail what the image is showing.You will have 25 seconds to describe image. 1. Describe image sample answer The line graph compares levels of unemployment among 16 to 24-year-olds with overall unemployment figures over a period […]


PTE ACADEMIC LISTENING FILL IN THE BLANKS PRACTICE SAMPLE LISTENING FILL IN THE BLANKS 1 A recognised agency will also given advice from their local Education New Zealand staff, ………… to selected ENZ events in their ………. and an ENZ Recognised Agency logo for use on promotional material. From August, the scheme will be ……….. […]

How to Score higher in Re-Tell Lecture – PTE Academic Speaking module

  Retell Lecture tips   Re-tell lecture can be sometimes difficult for the students who are not accustomed to English lectures. But dont loose your heart, here are some of the tips that can work for you :–

How to explain Graphs in PTE Academic |connectors will help you get better score

  How to Explain Graphs in PTE Academic speaking The Pie Chart illustrates changes in the  ……… The graph/ table shows/ indicates/ illustrates/ reveals/ represents/ elucidates/ depicts that ……… It can be seen from the graph/ table that ……………… As is illustrated by the graph/ table………….. Some Terms that are used for GRAPHS:- FOR DECREASE/ […]

PTE Academic Speaking – Check Pronunciation of words

Pronunciation of words I have noticed that in ‘Read Aloud’ section, there are some repetitive words for which pronunciation of words is different for different people. Please check at the Cambridge dictionary how to pronounce these words correctly. Pronunciation of words/List of mispronounced words Vary Very Analyse Government Technology Technological World Depth Situation Determine Explosive Global […]

PTE Preparation and Links For Help To Improve Speaking

PTE Exam Preparation As we all know that PTE Academic exam is an online exam with almost instant results in 5 business days. This test consists of Speaking, Writing, Reading, and Listening. A good thing about this test is that you can easily get to know the weak area in which you need to focus […]

PTE Academic Speaking Describe Images

PTE Academic Speaking Describe Images PTE Academic Speaking Describe Images.There are various types of charts. In the following example, we show the numbers of pets in Year 7 of a school. Types of charts in PTE Academic speaking      Table    Pie chart       Bar chart    line graph List with phrases to […]