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PTE Academic speaking repeat sentence sample 3

PTE Academic repeat sentence practice sample and tips   When to start recording and when to complete your response. You are not able to re-record your response. In addition, if you remain silent for more than three seconds, the microphone will close automatically.Speaking item types require you to respond orally using fluent speech, correct intonation, […]

PTE Academic speaking read aloud practice sample 6

PTE Academic speaking read aloud practice sample   1.Life begins and ends with two worlds: birth and death. People say live in a way that you feel the tingle of life all the time. There is an expression that when we had given birth we as babies were crying and others were laughing but we […]

PTE Academic speaking read aloud sample 2

PTE Academic speaking read aloud sample paragraphs   1.Mega droughts are comparable in severity to the worst droughts of the 20th century but are of much longer duration. A mega drought in the American Southwest would impose unprecedented stress on the limited water resources of the area, making it critical to evaluate future risks not […]

PTE Academic speaking short question answer sample 9

PTE Academic speaking short question answer written sample   Which section of news paper gives the editor an opinion? – editorial what instrument used to examine very small thing – microscope What is the destructive program that spread from comp to comp – a virus what term used for animals that gives birth to – […]

PTE Academic speaking describe image tips for easy explanation

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PTE Describe image tips For people  who are facing hard time in describe image Practice is the Key. For describing an image. You should memorize the start up words like: This graph shows —– This picture shows —- This image reflects —- Keep in mind you just have to tell the key points of the […]

How to explain lengthy image graph in PTE Academic speaking


Describe image graph tips 1. This image graph item having second highest weight-age after re-tell lecture. So be focus on this, to achieve good scores in Speaking module. 2. There are 6 to 7 different types of things will get for this item type. Like, describe bar-graph, line-graph, pie-chart, block-diagram, table, photo, picture, to name […]

PTE-Academic Useful Tips For Speaking Section

PTE speaking tips for each exercise PTE Speaking is divided into 5 sections.Oral fluency and pronunciation are the two enabling skills tested in PTE speaking.There are many mistakes student make especially in Re-tell lecture and describe image.I have tried to explain scoring and tricks for each of them. have compiled practice tips for PTE speaking. […]

PTE Academic Speaking Describe image tips

  PTE SPEAKING DESCRIBE IMAGE TIPS WHAT’S TESTED IN PTE ACADEMIC The purpose of this task is to assess your ability to describe an image related to an academic theme drawn from the humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences. Only speaking skills are assessed. You will see an image (a graph, picture, map, chart, or […]

PTE Academic Speaking Describe Images

PTE Academic Speaking Describe Images PTE Academic Speaking Describe Images.There are various types of charts. In the following example, we show the numbers of pets in Year 7 of a school. Types of charts in PTE Academic speaking      Table    Pie chart       Bar chart    line graph List with phrases to […]