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Basic Comparison between IELTS and PTE Academic



Comparison between IELTS and PTE Academic

  • PTE Academic is a fair test.It’s highly accurate computer marking means consistent scores and no potential for examiner bias.
  • PTE Academic is secure. Give universities confidence in your score: palm-vein scanning, randomised test forms and data forensics ensure universities know your test score is really yours, and mean that your score is safe.
  • PTE Academic tests real-life language. Prepare for life abroad as you listen to university lectures and respond to questions about life on campus with our real-life test of academic English.
  • PTE Academic is unlimited. You can send your scores to as many institutions as you choose – there are no additional fees for extra score reports.

IELTS | PTE difference comparison

Modules IELTS PTE Academic
Registration 15 Days 48 Hours
Result 13 Days 5 Days
Format Paper Computer
Assessment Human Rated Computer Rated



Time: 11-14 Minutes

Pattern: Interview Format

Time: 30-35 Minutes

Pattern: No Invigilator, Short Responses


Cue Card (2 Minutes) Cross Questioning

Read Aloud Repeat Sentence Describe Image Re-Tell Lecture

Ans. Short Questions





Time: 60 Minutes

No. of Ques: 40

Multiple questions from Single Passage

Time: 32-41 Minutes

No. of Ques: 15-20

One question from Single Passage

Length of passage 900-1200 words

Multiple Choice Questions Fill Ups

True/False/Not Given Headings/Titles Match

Length of passage 50-250 words Multiple Choice, Single Answer Multiple Choice, Multiple Answers Re-order Paragraphs

Blanks with options



Time: 60 Minutes

Pattern: Write on a sheet

Time: 40-50 Minutes

Pattern: Type on a computer

2 Tasks Graph writing Essay 4 Items

2-3 Summary Writing Essay Writing







Time: 30 Minutes + 10 Minutes

Ques: 40

Pattern: Attempt while listening Multiple questions from Single Track

Time: 45-57 Minutes

Ques: 18-23

Pattern: Attempt after listening, One question from Single Track

Length of track: 7-8 Minutes Multiple Choice Questions Fill Ups


Length of track: 45-60 seconds Summarize Spoken Text Multiple Choice, Single Answer

Multiple Choice, Multiple Answer Blanks

Highlight Incorrect Word Choose the right Summary Dictation


 IELTS and PTE Academic score comparison


PTE Academic enabling skills score guide

PTE Academic item scoring overview

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