Top 5 Helpful Websites for Students

Want to succeed in studies? In the 21st century, students can enjoy many learning opportunities. Neither your financial status nor the geographical location can prevent from learning. Thanks to Internet technologies, people of any age can take online courses they are interested in. Gain new knowledge or improve the skills you already have. Progress in studies by visiting online learning platforms.

Need a paper sample or can’t understand some writing standards? Getting academic help in the necessary subject field is as easy as ABC. Search for reputable learning websites. Get help right away from the comfort of your home. For you not to waste time for the research, we’ve prepared a list with the most helpful websites for students.

A List of Learning Sites that Are Worth Visiting

It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can take an online course and get new skills. Even if you’ve got a degree already, you can get another one online. One of the benefits you can enjoy using learning websites is an opportunity to make connections with students all over the world. You can listen to the lectures of the best tutors from all over the world thanks to Internet technology. Check what sites can offer you the best education opportunities from the comfort of your home.

1. company is the one-to-one assignment writing help for students of all academic levels. If you need assignment help from professionals, come to Either you need to write an essay, a term paper, or a dissertation, you’ll get cheap writing help here.

Assignment writing service can be used whenever you lack time or skills to do homework. Write “Help me with my thesis/research/essay writing”. Buy paper services from experts in one click. Three simple words “Do my assignment” will bring you the desired A-grade.

2. Open Culture

Over 1000 courses are available for you to pick online. There are a lot of free information resources. You can use textbooks, listen to audio books, watch movies here. A lot of free lectures from Harvard and Oxford university professors can be downloaded for free. Choose among Communication, Philosophy, Performing Arts, Sociology, Religion. A lot of other effective courses online are available. It is one of the most helpful online learning websites for students.

3. Stanford Online

There are many professional programs and free courses online. Students will find a lot of learning opportunities here. This refers not only to community students. The learners beyond the Stanford community are welcome to improve their skills. Everyone can enjoy the use of the up-to-date learning materials offered online.

4. LessonPaths

This is a learning platform with a unique opportunity to share academic playlists. There are a lot of topics to choose from. It can be used by both students and tutors. A lot of workshops can be found here. There is a chance to search for the necessary information, create your own playlist, and share it with other learners. Build links to the education resources you find helpful. Share your learning experience by creating a learning playlist and making it public.

5. Academic Earth

Whether you want to study business, marketing, or accounting, go to Academic Earth. It is a real Heaven for learners. Those who dream about taking online courses from famous universities for free are welcome. You can choose a degree you would like to get online. Also, you are able to choose the university you want to study an online course. At the site, students will find a lot of useful guides and videos.

Hope you’ll enjoy new learning opportunities with the helpful sites from the list

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