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Child labour essay-How to solve child labour social problem

child labour essay

Child Labour-A Nation’s Apprehension

Child labour means employing children in a business or industry mainly when it is exploitive or illegal. It is one of the serious concern in many parts of the world. It restricts their schooling and prevents them from developing physically, mentally, socially, and morally that is obviously harmful. The vicious trap of child labour majorly affects underprivileged children. Lack of education or schooling, poverty, and backward society are the responsible factors that lead children to the trap of the child labour. The child labour deprives their childhood. But, nowadays social worker and lots of programmes fight against child labour and saves them from such perilous evil. This child labour essay will help to understand this global agitating issue.

Child Labour in India

India is the home to the countless number of working children. India is not a well-equipped country with social security and prosperity. A large number of children are working domestic home-based work and wage labour.Many in informal sectors such as motor repair workshops, restaurants, agriculture, fireworks and matches factories, brick kilns, fireworks, beedi-rolling, etc.  Children are insisted especially by bonded labour in this country. However, the government enforced laws against this practice. It prohibits the child labour by promoting policies for the children below 14 years. But, it all seems irrelevant. Such rules and regulations do not restrict the problem at all. And also not only government can eliminate the complex nature of child labour. Today, several numbers of the organisation working against it and regulated the child labour in India.

Leading Cause of Child Labour 

 Child labour’s significant factor is poverty. There is an essential difference between rich and poor. Rich people gain the education and complete the socialisation while poor do not have such rights. They do not have their sufficient livelihood even to live. Parents are not aware of the hazardous consequences of being illiterate of their children. Poor people often have low social status in the society. They are unable to reach the high-statted recognition of education. Thus, most of the children help their parents in earning for their survival. As a result, they start to be fitted in that cheap life and find their future in the deep well of labour. Some other reasonable things can be the causes to a great extent such as rural poverty, urban migration, draught and other natural disaster and due to other conflicts.

Outcomes of Child Labour:

Most of the families that are below the poverty line force their children to employment. Working as labour severely affects children mentally, physically as well as socially. Children in their little age are inexperienced and immature. Thus, they are unaware of risks involves the labour meanwhile. This destructive practice of child labour deprives them of personal development, emotional support of family, and social interaction. Malnutrition and physical injuries catch the majority of the working children. Children work long hours and heavy manual labour yet they are unable to earn even to feed themselves.

Health Hazards

Growth deficiency is the major problem among the working children. Also, they work with pesticides and dangerous chemicals so, trapped by the long term and short term health problems. Thus, increasing number of working children are raising the level of the global death toll. Besides, when children of low-income families are involved in the child labour, they usually keep their heredity culture to be a labourer. As a result, they are unable to develop themselves and maintain their position below the standard in the society. It leads them to be thieves or wrongdoers.  Hence, child labour is one of the restricted factor in the progressing a nation or a country.

The solution of Child Labour:

It is not an easy task to diminish the terrible evil like child labour because it is not uniform. Education plays a significant role in mitigating of child labour. But knowledge is the only prime factor which can be a universal solution for this problem. Reducing poverty, child trafficking, cheap (or free) and compulsory education, and average standards of living are such main factors that can root out the child labour. A government should have attention towards the backward areas and poor. The very first thing that International Monetary Fund and World Bank should be allowed to help needed people by providing a loan to eradicate poverty. Governments should offer the various opportunities for employment in their surroundings. They can earn money enough to fulfil their needs. Also, schooling foundation and other educational institutes should be available to be educated.

Society Responsibility

Everyone needs to treat people from all the backgrounds and society equally. Thus, poor can fight for their needs and requirements. The age of 14 should be up to 18 years to save the children from exploitation. Some programmes are performed to aware and encourage people to get a higher education. Governments, as well as stakeholders that involve community-based organisations, NGOs, mass mediaPromote quality but cheaper education system. Strict offenses, laws, and policies to combatting the menace. Thus, all will work together for the solutions and eradicate this threat.

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