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Urbanisation essay-urbanisation impact on India future generation


Urbanisation Essay

What is urbanisation?

Urbanisation is nothing but the movement of populations from rural to urban area. This very shift of people from rural to urban areas allow towns and cities to grow. In simple terms, one can define urbanisation as the continuous increase in the number of people living in cities and towns. The term urbanisation is simple to understand, but you should also make yourself aware of the reason because of which people prefer moving to urban areas. People who decide to move to metropolitan cities and towns are profoundly influenced by the idea that towns and cities have achieved more in the field of economics, politics and have witnessed society development as compared to that in the rural areas.

Urbanization is a common occurrence in the cities of developed and developing countries. People have this common tendency of moving closer to the cities and towns.They enjoy the economic and social services and its related benefits. The social and economic services above are used for advantages such as health care, education, housing, transportation, business opportunities, and sanitation.

Impact of urbanisation on society

People, in general, see rural areas as a place where they have to face problems because of hardship and the prevalent primitive lifestyle. This forces and gives an idea to people residing in rural areas to move to urban cities and towns.This very movement of population from less developed area to the more advanced area results in urbanisation. Urbanisation or the population movement contributes to the development of the land for fulfilling the purpose of social and economic support institutions, commercial properties, residential building, and transportation. Eventually, these are the activities that give rise to plenty of urbanisation issues.

There are both positive as well as negative impacts of urbanisation. To gain a better understanding, you will have to take both positive as well as negative effects of urbanisation. Better medical facilities, study opportunity, job opportunity, overall improvement of living standard and various other benefits. Poverty, unemployment, prostitution, gambling, cultural differences and numerous other problems of urbanisation can be counted as the negative impact of this phenomenon.

Advantages and disadvantages of urbanisation

It all started after the industrial revolution. Urban population is increasing, and we are not talking about Indian urban towns and cities we are mentioning that after industrial revolution the people in urban areas all over the world saw a boom and this growth is still prevalent. This is the reason because of which the population in cities and towns are increasing that has caused a drop in rural society. This rapid rush of movement of people from rural areas to the cities is putting a lot of pressure on the limited space of urban cities, and all this also results in environmental and health hazards. Have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of urbanisation.

Advantages of Urbanisation

Industrial growth and growth in industrial productions: With the increase in hands in urban cities which are located near industrial areas the production of different industrial sectors generally sees a boom and this much growth are helping the country’s economic growth. This also results in the export increase.

High growth in trade and commerce field: Urbanisation helps and aids a number of business sectors, but trade and commerce is the one that has gained a lot because of it. This very sector has seen a good growth after industrial revolution as people come to urban cities and towns with their goods.

Improvement in science, culture and other similar things: urban places acts as a meeting point for all the good customs from various localities. Science, education and technology developments also occur because of urbanisation, and all this eventually helps in improving the society.

Disadvantages of Urbanisation

Development of slums in urban cities is a byproduct of urbanisation. The rapid flow of population from rural areas to urban areas gives rise to the housing problem, and this very issue takes the form of a difficult to tackle the problem of the slum.

The movement of population from rural are to urban are results in the shortage of workers in rural areas which in turn affects the agricultural productions.
The population increase in urban cities and towns puts extra pressure on water and sanitation facilities which result in health hazards, environmental pollution, etc.

The increased number of workers also results in unemployment which in turn gives rise to corruption and criminal activities.

Urbanisation in India

India sure has made s0me significant improvements in different fields, but urbanisation and its related problems are giving a lot of trouble to both Indian government and people of this country. The government talks about smart cities, but the reality of urbanisation of India is nothing but a web of powerless authority and increasing inequality in society because of economic background. The figure of population growth in urban parts of India between the years 2010 to 2015 was 1.1%, and this number was the highest among the leading or significant economies. This rate has increased and will keep on growing, and it will also make the associated problems severe. It is essential to come up with better planning and management to tackle the issues associated with urbanisation for the betterment of the country.

How would urbanisation impact on the future generation?

It is expected that India will add 404 million people in its urban population from 2015 to 2050. This expected population growth can even cross the predicted figure to the fore coming future. On taking the advantages and disadvantages of urbanisation into consideration for deciding how it would impact the future generation it can be said for sure that if urbanisation is not managed and planned correctly, then people all around the globe will have to suffer a lot in the inevitable future. The lack of shelter, food, water and other necessary amnesties will be a prevalent cause of death in the future and in addition to that, there will be a significant rise in crime rate.

Students can use points from this urbanisation essay to structure their essay.

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