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Women empowerment essay-Importance of Women empowerment In India

women empowerment essay

Women Empowerment essay

Women Empowerment-What comes to your mind when you read? Most likely it would be about gender equality or upliftment in women’s quality of life on the whole. Empowerment itself means giving authority or power to individuals.

Women empowerment is all about promoting their standard of living compared to men. Our society has made segregation in the roles of women and men very sharply. Most of them are negative and need to change as quickly as possible. Most women are stuck in many ways where they shouldn’t.

Change has to take place in every aspect of their living like within the family, society, and country. They face limitations in making smallest of decisions. The right to be independent socially or financially is not available in its full form, even today.

Social Empowerment of Women

Gender disparity is a matter of question for several years now. If a woman is not treated equally in the society, it creates problems in daily living. In India, people worship goddesses, but in reality, treatment women are not that way. Stories of rape, acid attacks, domestic violence, and molestation keep arising. There are other cases of dowry deaths, female trafficking for sex and many more.

Women cannot live freely both inside and outside of their home. Many suffer from emotional and mental abuse as well. Men in India have a dominating nature resulting in treating women as inferior beings. Lack of health, safety, and education for women leads to gender disparity.
Although there are legal and constitutional privileges for women in India, it still needs a lot of work. The government needs to review the existing ones. It also needs to make special provisions for women under legal and social aspects.

Some special provisions have been recently made, such as :

• Separate seats and compartments for women in both rural and urban areas.
• National Commission of Women is a legal group that studies and monitors matters related to legal and constitutional protections given to women.
• National Policy for the Empowerment of Women- This is a body made to bring out development and advancement of women all over India.
• National Plan of Action for saving the Girl Child- This is a body to protect the girl child. It ensures the survival and development of the girls.

Many NGOs have come forward to fight the social injustice against women. Government is trying their best as well, but sometimes they forget it’s a two-way communication too. The televisions and film industry are also spreading awareness for women through advertisements and movies.

Economic and Occupational Freedom

The freedom to work and create a mark –

Financial independence is of utmost importance today. In India, previously women were not allowed to work at all. They were looked down upon for earning money, no matter how little. Today, women are working more than before, but there is a discriminative problem. In the work area, Women pays still paid lesser than men. This inequality exists vastly in many working sectors.

Equal opportunity for women for any work will only help the economy grow. Women are efficient and are capable of managing both homes and work together. Give women the freedom to make decisions and treat them right at a workplace. A little encouragement will make them the most influential people on earth.

Educational Empowerment of Women

Education is a way to modify one’s behaviour, outlook, mentality, attitude, etc. It gives a way to educate not only yourself but your children too. A reduction in infant mortality rate occurs due to education as well. Knowledge is the foundation of every child. The more educated a girl, the more power to her. It will help to respond to life challenges, confront situations and to work and be financially independent later. Education is a great tool to change society in several ways. It will reduce inequality and can improve the status of the family. It helps in the concept of participation and betters the quality of life outside the home too.

The problem is gender discrimination that is still prevalent in India, especially in the education field. The gap between men and women literacy rate is proof of it. Many families, especially in rural areas do not let their girl child study. Schools and colleges, especially for women, are still a far-fetched thought in many parts of India. Girls are married at an early age and meant to start a family. Moreover, women are still considered as only homemakers. They are told to live in the house and do household chores.

In all its sense, women empowerment is highly essential for India. It is critical; stop limiting and stereotyping women. Certain culture/traditions, superstitions, close opinions,  shouldn’t be factors to treat women differently. Women think and deal with things differently. Let empower women and it will only help in future.

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