Do you think English will remain as the dominant international language through globalisation?

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Do you think English will remain as the dominant international language through globalisation?

In today’s era, English is the most prevalent language around the world. It is the most preferred language of communications by majority international players. It is believed that throughout the globalisation English will remain as the most dominant language as it is the second language of most of the world’s population and it symbolizes advancement. Now the English language is the main source of communication in the world.

To begin with, over a billion people use English daily as their second language and it is proliferating. For example, countries with highest population namely, China and India use English in key sectors such as for education and business, which is the nucleus of the country. This clearly exemplifies a dramatic uptrend in upcoming years. From this, it can be said that English will be the most powerful international language.

Moreover, since the majority of developed nations have English as a primary language, in developing countries it has become a symbol of advancement. Take, for instance, a majority of behemoths like Google, Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, Unilever originated from English speaking countries and operate internationally. To trade with them it is necessary to speak in their language which is English. This example evidently proves that English will be the linchpin of globalisation.

These analyses prove that firstly the dominance of advanced nations and secondly the use of English as a language education has already made it a primary international language. It has now been shown that in coming centuries the English language will dominate the world’s trades. To summarise, we can predict that English and globalisation will always show a positive correlation.

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