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IELTS Essay Practice Test: Tricks that Work

So, you have decided to take IELTS for enrolling into a college or getting a job in an English-speaking country. It is no secret that mastering an essay part of the exam is a challenging work. Instead of taking special preparation courses that cost a lot of money, you can read on the tricks of successful essay writing and get ready for the second writing task.

Paragraphing of an Essay

Coherence and Cohesion comprise 25% of the writing mark and is all about paragraphing and using linking structures. An essay must have an introduction and conclusion, the main body is to be divided into several parts (2 or 3). In total that makes four or five paragraphs. You can’t have one body paragraph as the examiner will have to evaluate your ability to formulate ideas in separate paragraphs. To score 7 in cohesion you should show clear idea in each paragraph and support in with a good explanation. If you write your essay without body paragraphs, you will be marked down.  

Writing Good Introduction

First and foremost, remember to start an essay with a fine introduction that represents the topic. It should be short and clear, all in all, you have only 40 minutes for an essay, and the body of an essay is also very important. Though, it’s better to avoid introductions that are too simple and only state what you are going to be discussing in the main body. Stay creative and try to engage the readers in your written work.

Essay Planning

You should definitely plan your essay, as 50% of your writing marks depends on if you can directly answer the question, showcase a good pack of ideas, have supporting points that are clear for understanding and that extend ideas presented in the essay. So, planning your essay is essential if you want to score higher than 6. Before writing essay you will have to go through listening and reading, so you will already be tired.

The energy level and concentration level drop with every task, and by the time you get to essay writing, you might have clouded mind and loss of focus. This is the reason why you should spend some time organizing your ideas and creating a clear strategy. This will help you to write a good essay. Spend up to 5 minutes planning. Lack of it may cost you a big loss in the mark. Mind the style of an essay: it may be argumentative, opinionated or narrative. Look for examples of various essays and try to analyze how they are composed.

Using Proper Grammar and Vocabulary

Mastering IELTS essay begins with mastering basic language skills like grammar and vocabulary. The English grammar may be difficult, and as the date of the exam is coming closer, you may also want to get engaged in grammar practice on a daily basis. This source will help you to repeat the rules you have already learnt before and make them seem much more natural.

What is important is you reading a good number of high-quality IELTS essay samples, as well as journalistic and academic writing works that expose you to a better understanding to the words usage and different tones of voice. You need to be prepared to prove that except for correct spelling and grammar, you know how to use the appropriate language depending on the situation.

Understanding the Question

Once presented with the topic of task 2 you might experience the urge to jump right in and start writing. But keep in mind that you have to read the question very carefully and thoroughly in order to give a relevant answer. For example, the task might ask for your personal opinion on the presented subject, and without paying much attention to the details of the question you may end up featuring both sides of the argument, not hitting a necessary conclusion. Let’s say you have pulled off a wonderful essay – the examiners would not be able to grade you as high as you deserve because you didn’t hit on the topic.

Get Professional Help

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