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Statement of purpose Sample for Australia student visa


Statement of Purpose (SOP) is one of the most important documents required to apply student visa for Australia. Below are samples of Statement of Purpose, which can be used by prospective students.

Hospitality SOP Australia

Introduction & Family Background:

I am delighted to introduce myself as Harinder Singh S/o Ranjit Singh and Rajinder Kaur. I hail from Ludhiana, Punjab, India. I am blessed with a nuclear family of four members which includes my parents, me and my younger brother. My father is an Agriculturist, my mother is a homemaker and my younger brother is a student in India.

Education Qualification:

I have passed matriculation from PSEB in 2015 with 67% and Senior Secondary from the same board in the Humanities stream in 2017 with 68% respectively. After completion of my school graduation I decided to pursue my further studies from abroad so I searched many options and after being decided with everything such as course, educational destination & course provider I appeared for the IELTS exam on 21/09/2017 and got overall 5.5 bands. My Individual scores are- L-5.5, R-6.0, W-5.5, S-5.0. I am applying to study the Diploma of Hospitality Management leading to Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management in Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia.

Reasons to choose Australia over India:

Keeping my goal and target in my mind, Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd, Queensland seems to be an excellent and brilliant place for carrying my career ahead to its peak as doing a qualification at an international level will carry more weight-age.

There is no denying that there are many institutions available in my country such as the RIG Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management in Gurgaon, Guru Nanak Dev University in Amritsar, and Subhash Bose Institute of Hotel Management which is located in Kolkata and so on. Firstly one has to clear the entrance exams which are quite a tough job due to the limited number of seats in such institutions.

Moreover, in India reservation system is followed for admissions so that’s why my chances of getting admission were quite low. Secondly, the course curriculum is quite different from the curriculum of Australian colleges and universities. Moreover, In Australia, the approach of teaching is practical along with the use of the latest techniques and updated syllabus which makes the student industry-ready graduate and this increases the chances of a fresh graduate to be a part of one of the leading organizations of the world. Even the modes of delivering education are well furnished as the latest technologies are being used to impart education to the students such as smart-classes equipped with projectors or other audio-visual aids and so on.

Moreover while studying in my home country I cannot get the benefits that can be gained while studying abroad such as international exposure which would add extra weight to my resume to get good jobs in future. Secondly, by studying in an English speaking country I can improve my communication skills. Last but not the least, the value and recognition of an international degree due to the latest business techniques and understanding of the advanced economy are always higher than a local degree especially in one of the most emerging markets like India today. Hence internationally qualified candidates are always preferred comparatively. Due to all these merits of overseas education, I have decided to have an international degree rather a domestic one.

As the hospitality industry (accommodation and food service) is the seventh-largest employer in Australia. Australia is the only country that has implemented some educational acts which reserve the rights of international students. The act is known as “ESOS- Education Services for International Students” which gives the international students the rights to information about course offered, subjects, actual fee structure, and method of delivery of the course by the institution. It also gives the right to students to have a written agreement with the institutions which states all the terms and conditions to be followed by both the student and the course provider.

The best thing about this act is its tuition fee protection policy which ensures the investment of an international student is safe. It will not be wasted if in case the institution is unable to provide the course to the student and it has to arrange a replacement for the student or has to refund the tuition fee. I could not find such policies in other countries.

Why not any other Country:

Choosing a country was a difficult task but Australia made the cut at the end because of it being among the world’s best tourist destinations. Its amazing weather, great people, and Nikhil Mittal of Nik Baker’s having completed his studies from Australia. It may be surprising to you but Mr. Nikhil Mittal was of great inspiration to me in choosing Australia as my education destination.  I also weighed on other countries but the USA was very expensive, Canada is too cold and not promising with regards to hospitality management and Europe being totally different language and culture-wise.

Lastly, I have searched about Cesar Ritz College which is located in Switzerland as Switzerland owns the reputation of providing the high quality of education related to tourism and hospitality industries. No doubt the band requirement of this college is not high but the fee of this college is 24 lakh Indian Rupees per year, so it is also very high as compared to Australian colleges and universities.

Moreover, Australia is among the 3 most popular destinations for overseas students after UK and USA with 7 out of top 100 universities in the world so it shows the quality of education provided by the country and Australian degree is also globally recognized so it is also very helpful for me to get jobs in any country. So due to all these reasons, I want to study in Australia.

Why the Diploma of Hospitality Management leading to Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management:

After my Senior Secondary, I want to explore overseas education for my higher qualification. Hospitality management is part of the service industry that brings more placements than any other profession. Nowadays the Hospitality industry is growing rapidly. Professional in the hospitality industry is trained in business, human resources, and customer services.

The choice of the course was easy and I knew that diploma in hospitality management followed by an advanced diploma in the same would cater to my desire of being a chef in my future and also teach me the nitty-gritty of the food and hospitality industry throughout the world, adding business intellect to my skill set. The course I would be taking is very well designed in accordance to what I wish to get out my education and would end forming a strong base and develop a fine-tuned skill set for a better future. This course will prepare me for an effective starting career in Hospitality, with a strong emphasis on case-based learning that is built progressively through the two years of study.

Initially, I will study the Diploma of Hospitality Management from 15/01/2018 to 17/06/2019. This qualification provides a pathway to work in any hospitality industry sector as a departmental or small business manager. The diversity of employers includes restaurants, hotels, motels, catering operations, clubs, pubs, cafes, and coffee shops.

During my diploma, my basic concepts related to the hospitality sector will improve and after diploma, I will study the Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management from 29/07/2019 to 27/01/2020 which will enable me to understand hospitality sector with more in-depth subject knowledge. This qualification reflects the role of highly skilled senior managers who use a broad range of hospitality skills combined with specialized managerial skills and substantial knowledge of the industry to coordinate hospitality operations. Thus the career prospects after completing this course are:

  • Area manager or operations manager
  • Executive chef
  • Executive housekeeper
  • Food and beverage manager
  • Head chef
  • Motel owner or manager
  • Rooms division manager

Diploma Course Contents: Manage Operational Plan, Manage diversity in the workplace, Roster Staff, Lead and Manage People, Manage Conflict, Enhance Customer Service Experiences, Develop and Manage quality customer service practices, Monitor work operations, Manage finances within a budget, Prepare and Monitor Budgets, Implement

Advanced Diploma Course Contents: Manage operational plan, Manage diversity in the workplace, Lead and Manage People, Recruit select and induct staff, Monitor staff performance, Monitor work operations, Manage finances within a budget, Manage Finances,  Establish and conduct Business Relationships, Develop and Manage quality customer service practices, etc.

Why Gamma Education & Training Pty Ltd:

Looking for a great return on my investment, I did a lot of research upon the choice of the institute I would be taking my education from keeping in my mind the fee structure, future prospects, skillset and knowledge delivered and the location. I ended up choosing the Gamma institute in the end because it sat well with almost all my requirements. A reasonably priced education, great location in Brisbane a tourist place, nicely designed course structure for the overall development of the student, great faculty, and students from around the world bringing something new to the table every time. I decided against University education because of the education being pretty advanced and my wish to start with forming a good base with a diploma.

Gamma Institute is the leader in training and every aspect of what they do is dedicated to excellence. Their training is delivered by industry experts who come from highly successful careers within their chosen industry. Gamma Education & Training facilities are world-class. Gamma Institute provides me with quality educational programs during the course period which is profitable for me. Gamma Institute offers a modern state of the teaching and learning facilities. Above all, it provides strategic education focus and offers excellent value for money with its affordable quality education.

Future Plan:

After the successful completion of my course, I firmly believe that the diploma and advanced diploma study will prepare me for a managerial level position in the hospitality sector. I will also gain sufficient knowledge and practice to kick starts my career in this industry. This professional education will prepare me to stand out of the crowd and enrich my profile by unlocking top employment opportunities. This qualification also enables me to settle down in my own country, in any public or private hospitality sector and give wings to my hospitality management career. The diversity of employers includes restaurants, hotels, motels, clubs, pubs, cafes, and coffee shops, casinos, logistics, catering and banquet management, resorts, etc. thus able to raise my standard of living.

Declaration Statement:

Finally, I declare that I will value Australia ethics and abide by rules and regulations as an international student and abide by all the conditions imposed on a student visa holder. My purpose to visit Australia is to get the best education available which will help me later getting a good job in my home country. I have been through the visa conditions which I would need to full fill under the visa subclass 500 are:

  • I will have to maintain 85% of attendance at my university.
  • I will have to inform the course provider about my contact details within seven days of my arrival in Australia or any further changes in the same in the future.
  • I will have to maintain my OSHC till the validity of my visa.
  • I shall not work more than 40 hours fortnightly.
  • I have to abide by all the rules and regulations of the university as well as the country.
  • I will have to leave the country before the expiry of my visa.

Final Words:

I am an ambitious person and want to achieve the maximum in life so that I can become a successful person. I want to have good status and position in society and all these things are possible if I get this chance of pursuing my further studies in Australia. I would consider myself lucky if I am given an opportunity to pursue my further education in a peaceful and safe country like Australia. I am confident that education from Australia will provide invaluable experiences and an excellent opportunity to achieve my career goals.


Harinder Singh

Master of Information Technology-STATEMENT OF PURPOSE Gap explanation


My name is Ishant Bawa. My strength is self-confidence. I am an optimistic personality. I prefer smart work rather than hard work. I born and brought up in Amritsar and my family consist of father, mother, and one younger brother. My father is a government officer and my mother is a homemaker.


I had completed my secondary studies in 2009 from PSEB with 65.2%. After that, I have completed my senior secondary examination in 2011 from PSEB Board with 58.5%. After my senior secondary during the year 2011, I diagnosed with gynecomastia, disease related to the chest in June 2011. I was on bed rest for 6 months that’s
why I could not continue my studies for a year. Then I took admission in Bachelors of Computer Application in 2012 and completed the same in 2015 with 60%.

For pursuing my higher qualification from Australia, I appear PTE EXAM and got
61 overall scores.
Date of Test – 08 Feb 2016
(Listening – 60, Reading – 59, Speaking – 73, Writing – 61)


Australia is a multicultural community with a peaceful environment, offering a wide range of study and ample job opportunities. Australia is a safe, friendly sophisticated, and harmonious society in which students can learn and travel. People from almost every aspect of the world reside here; students can be a part of the multicultural environment and culture with a thirst for knowledge and research. Australia is a high-quality educational opportunity, and international collaboration Australia is a country of opportunities for career, new culture, and adventure.

As in my country, the post-graduation courses are not worldwide valid and its values are in local companies. My wish is to join MNC throughout the world so that is why I want to choose Australia for higher education.

 Lots of entrance exams for higher study which is difficult to clear.
 Not all Indian universities are international recognition.
 Reservation quota in the Indian education system.


I researched many universities but I choose Strut University is one of Australia’s leading universities made up of our city-based study centers in Melbourne, Sydney, and several campuses located throughout regional Australia and overseas. CSU provides a mix of practical and hands. I utilize your postgraduate program in a productive manner in my own country after completion of this course. CSU offers services that help me to develop skills for the IT sector and brush up in a particular area.


This degree is designed for IT professionals looking to update and extend their technical knowledge of advanced computing subjects or move into a new specialization. Internationally recognized, it can help advance my career in diverse fields such as software engineering health, telecommunications, and more. The course comprises core units, foundations units, specialist units, and a capstone project. It provides practical-orientation of coursework that allows me to not only acquire a clear understanding of the subject but also enhances the skills to execute. Under this course, I can study networking, programming, security, and business system. The main reason is that I choosing this course relevant to my previous education.


 Computer networking specialization.
 Network security specialization.
 IT management specialization.
 Software Design and Development Specialization.
 System Analysis specialization.
 Business Analysis specialization.


 Develop new programs and works as a programmer.
 Widen my horizon of technical skills with my exposure to practical work.
 Provide international exposure.
 It helps to learn professionalism.


My future plans will be to join a multinational company in my own country. After studied through this esteemed university I will get more exposure and a good salary package in MNC. After completing my study I will get a plethora of opportunities and research work in my country. My ambition is to work in MNC that would boost my knowledge and standard of living. I am sure that the highly acclaimed Master of Information technology program will help me fulfill my ambition. I can work as a network engineer, system analyst, IT manager and It support technician.


Ishant Bawa(student)


I am Manjinder Kaur, D/o Balwinder Singh and Gurmeet Kaur, R/o Ward No.6 VPO Mallan Wala Tehsil Zira, Ferozepur, Punjab, India, and my passport No. is N2434366. There are 7 members in my family, my father is an agriculturist and my mother is a housewife. I am blessed with 4 siblings. My both elder sisters Sukhjit Kaur and Amandeep Kaur are married and well settled. My elder brother Gurmail Singh is helping my father in his agriculture business and my eldest sister Mandeep Kaur is studying. I am blessed with a family who has always taught me the importance of good values and principles. It is only because of their undying belief in me and their encouragement, I am submitting my plans to study my Master’s degree from abroad. 


I have completed my Secondary education in the year 2012 from Punjab School Education Board and completed my Senior Secondary education in the year 2014 from the same board with 86% marks in Humanities Stream. After my senior Secondary, I have done my Bachelor of Arts in the year 2017 from Panjab University in the first division.

After my graduation, I express my feelings about my interest in studying abroad particularly in Australia to my parents and with their encouragement, support and blessings I decided to pursue my Master of Business Administration from Australia. For pursuing my Master’s degree from Australia, I was preparing for the IELTS exam and appeared for the IELTS exam on 24.02.2018 and got an overall 6.0 Band (Listening 6.0, Speaking 6.0, Reading 5.5, Writing 6.0).

Why not India

My aim is to be successful in the life and I find it is very easy to do so but when the time passes and start understanding the education system deeply I came to know that in India people who have economical power or quota powers can get admission in the reputed Colleges or Universities and I find it is impossible for the student like me who belong to very simple family. So I have to look for the other option for my further studies and then my family suggested me to go abroad for the same because overseas universities give very good practical knowledge then Indian Colleges. In India students from reputed colleges are settled in life other are just working in simple call centers and I don’t want to become one of them. Moreover, in India, more emphasis is given to get good marks instead of getting knowledge and skills, so I finally decide to study abroad for my further education.

Why Australia, not other Country:

I started my research on the internet and found that Australia would be the best educational destination for me comparatively other countries as Australia is a multi-cultured country that is extensively engaged to offer education to international students. Australia is accepting new modern techniques and fundamentals in the field of education like that of the US/UK. No other requirement to go for special language courses to study in Australia unlike other countries US and UK. During my research, I have come to know that Australia has the third-highest number of international students in the world.

Moreover, studying in Australia highly advanced study programs, opportunity to earn working experience while and after studies and on top of it, international exposure earned from Australia will help me build a strong platform in order to achieve success in my career. Also, Australia is the only country that has implemented some educational acts which reserve the rights of international students. The act is known as “ESOS- Education Services for International Students” which gives the international students the rights to information about course offered, subjects, actual fee structure, and method of delivery of the course by the institution. It also gives the right to students to have a written agreement with the institutions which states all the terms and conditions to be followed by both the student and the course provider.

The best thing about this act is its tuition fee protection policy which ensures the investment of an international student is safe. It will not be wasted if in case the institution is unable to provide the course to the student and it has to arrange a replacement for the student or has to refund the tuition fee. I could not find such policies in other countries. Besides this, Australia has an education system that is valid and recognized all over the world.

Why ATMC (Australian Technical and Management College):

ATMC has a good reputation for providing good teaching facilities with small size classes which helps a student to get personal attention. ATMC is also providing mentors to international students who are already studying there. They help new students to know about the accommodation, assignments and attendance criteria thus make International students comfortable while teaching.

Why Federation University:

Spending a lot of hard-earned money of my family and also leaving one’s own country, I knew I had to get the best possible return on my education. Accordingly, I started searching for universities to get admitted to in accordance with my profile and Federation University turned out to be the best choice among all. I compared the course structure, Fees, Graduate employment satisfaction rate of different universities like Curtin University, Deakin University, Victoria University, and much more, I found Federation University the most affordable choice for me with all necessary facilities available. Fees of other universities are comparatively high than ATMC-Federation. Apart from being better ranked, the University boasts of a research-driven approach producing results and development of a prospective student like no other.

Moreover, I got a 20% scholarship from Federation University which is an additional benefit to me, thus help me to save my money. Federation University assists students in adapting and learning with various support services. Federation University produces graduates who are career-ready, world ready and digitally literate, and who experience an academic environment distinctive for its personal approach. More importantly, what really matters is one’s return on investment and the university has had a strong rapport among employers around the world. Not to mention, it’s up to date teaching methodology and the preparation of the student for his whole lifetime.  To sum it up, being able to study from the best, among a diverse set of students with a promise of a great future ahead is a very fascinating feeling altogether. 

I searched on the internet for my living arrangements in Melbourne. I have visited a few websites like https://www.indianconnection.com.au/services/accommodation etc where I got many accommodation options. I can stay in a rental apartment or shared apartment in the budget of AUD 250- 350 per week.

Why Master of Business Administration:

Initially, I will study EAP for 5 weeks due to my low scores in the Reading module and after the successful completion of my EAP program, I will study an MBA from Federation University.

I choose the Master of Business Administration as I want to pursue my career in the Business and Marketing field. This program develops skills in business management. This course provides me the knowledge and skills to be a professional, with particular skills in a chosen area. MBA involves rigorous training in all aspects of the business which require innovative strategy making. A post-graduate degree in Business Administration will expose me to a variety of programs like Business Statistics, Economics, Financial Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations, among other Subjects. It will also prepare me for management-level positions in the industry. It will improve my leadership skills by giving me the opportunity to lead teams in group assignments. Regularly working as a part of a team will also help me to better coordinate my efforts with my team members. I will be required to give presentations, which will enhance the communication skills that I have imbibed in my life and make me a better person both personally and professionally.

My course has 4 semesters and I will study various core subjects are-   Accounting and Finance, Business, Society and the Planet, HR Management, Organisations: Behavior, Structure, Process, Business Elective, Managing the Legal Environment, Marketing Management, Business Elective, Managing in a Global Business Environment, Strategic Enterprise Planning, leadership, creativity, and innovation, Managerial Decision Making, etc.


Future Plan:

Once I complete my degree, I will come back to my home country India with an intention to stay with my family and be a part of India’s growing strength. I may find job opportunities not only in India but across the world. My future goal is to work with TOP MNCs in India like Reliance, Samsung, Nestle, HDFC bank, ICICI Bank, Infosys, etc. and can work as HR Manager, Business Development Manager, Business Analyst, Team Leader, and Relationship Manager, etc.

After the completion of this course initially, I am expecting a package of INR 8-9 lakhs per annum but with growth in life, I will expect more. Therefore, I am confident that the offered program is going to benefit me in more than one way. 


Declaration Statement:

I also read online testimonials of Indian students already studying there and read visa rules, living standard on the official immigration site Australia www.studyinaustralia.gov.in, www.homeaffairs.gov.au I have researched about my Education Visa Subclass also that I am applying for Student Visa under 500 SSVF and I am aware of the rule I have to follow like I have to Maintain my OSHC for the entire duration my course, I shall not work more than 40 hours fortnightly,  I have to maintain my attendance and follow the protocols of the Institute and I will have to leave the country before the expiry of my visa.

I am sure my degree from Australia will help me to get an edge over other Indian students due to International exposure and globally accepted degree. I will get the advantage in not in the Indian job market but in other countries of the world too.




If you have any questions regarding the Statement of Purpose, Please write down in the comment section.

If any student wants assistance for college admission in Canada and Australia.

If you want us to write your SOP or rectifying errors in the SOP. Contact me at gauravsaini24@hotmail.com or Whatsapp 7508676970.

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