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Medical technology is increasing the average life expectancy

Medical technology

Medical technology sample essay

The technology used in the medical field has changed in the last five decades. Many electronic machines are available in hospitals which increases the probability of saving a patient from a critical situation. Biotechnology is growing at such a speed that many artificial, manmade organs are replacing the defective natural organs of humans.

Medical technology will always be a blessing for someone whose life is saved by it. Due to advanced medical technology, vaccines for many deadly diseases are now readily available. Scientists are trying to find a vaccine for the life-threatening disease covid 19, they are getting to success to an extent. Once the vaccine is made this virus would be defeated. Biotechnology would play a very crucial role in the vaccine of the coronavirus. DNA scanning and copying is another victory of medical technology this helps to redo and rewriting the DNA print of newborn babies.

As everything in this world has negative and positive aspects, medical technology can give an adverse effect on human beings basically this results in the amendment of the natural basic structure of living beings. If anything goes wrong while performing a major operation or heavy medication this would result in DNA amendment. This could pass some wrong trait in future generations, for example, if you lost your eyes in medication then there would be a chance that your 2-3 generations would be blind. This technology also results in abusing many other natural beings. For example, many medicines and machines are used on monkeys and rats before human trials. Snakes are killed for their poison which is used to make various vaccines.

Compiling everything we could conclude that medical technology is not doubted a blessing if it is used with heavy rules and regulations.

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