Is growing children in 21 st century difficult than past

Is growing children in 21 st century difficult than past-Sample essay from Student

After the change in trends of society, the way to grow up younger ones is changed dramatically. Growing children in this century become more difficult than the previous time. So further in the essay, we will discuss difficulties parents would face while raising their children.

The first major problem of a parent in this century is expenses. Raising the child now is so expensive. The modern schools are charging a big amount of money for admission to their esteemed school. The latest gizmos and gadgets are so expensive and important for the proper development of children as well. Even toddlers now are worried about their looks and wanted to wear expensive clothes. As an instance, everyone nowadays wanted to make their child look better than their peer child. So they start spending more on their child.

Another problem that arose in this century is intoxicants. Teens are so obsessed with this slow poison. Cigarettes and cigars have become a thing of fashion. Consumption of alcohol for kids at this small age is considered a cool and fun lifestyle. Parents are worried, they need to keep a check on their child. So that they could not join this party. As an instance, drugs are so deep in society, that no matter how much you look up for their child at one moment of their life they are introduced to it. This thing is a constant headache for every teen parent.

Concluding, things are more difficult and expensive nowadays. Children, two-three decades ago were far more intelligent and know their family’s economical conditon, and Drugs were not that prevalent in society. So raising a child nowadays is more difficult.

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