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Motivation letter for master in architect-germany study visa

motivation letter

MOTIVATION LETTER- Master degree program in Architecture Germany (SAMPLE)

We have prepared a motivation letter sample for university application



School of Architecture

Admissions office

With this letter, I hereby wish to state my interest and apply for a Master’s degree program in Architecture. I always had an interest and passion for Architecture, and therefore it is not surprising that I have finished my Bachelor studies in Architecture with 73% marks. I have developed this strong passion for Architecture thanks to my father who is also an architect.

Furthermore, as I had an interest and talent for arts, my father guided me toward this field and I started to make models at the age of 9. Now I have an impressive collection of model houses and buildings. I have continued with this craft even during my bachelor studies and some of my works were awarded on the national competitions. The study of fundamental architectural courses, such as architectural structure, mechanics and materials science, made me realize that architecture does not focus only on a visual, but also emphasizes on the more essential functional and practical aspects of an object. Thanks to the new skills and knowledge gained at the university I realized that architecture is not only an art but technology.

The rise of climate change has a widespread effect worldwide and India is no different. I truly believe that my country needs to upgrade its current landscape infrastructure. Modern building designs need to be more environment-friendly. We require a changed mindset and our designs need to integrate a lot of natural options available. New infrastructure needs to be environmentally friendly and use minimal energy.

Studies have provided me a deeper comprehension of science and its cultural influences. The joint influence of my artistic skills and knowledge helped me to visualize the spaces in their totality, although, at first these spaces were confined to sharp rectangular spaces which were later extruded to their third dimension with lessons from my Basic and Architectural Design classes. These spaces were more often clustered into a larger space to give a magnified appearance. My emphasis remained on the built-form that represented the theme of the subject and the required spaces were closely knitted into this form. Since then my professional motto is “unless you put a function to your creation – it’s not architecture, it’s just visual art”. 

One of the main professional achievements I would like to point out my involvement in the design of a sports complex in my municipality. I have been involved in this project in 2016 just after I have graduated. Thanks to this experience I have gained practical skills in designing and work scope framing, project planning scheduling, etc. After working on this I realized that in order to build higher skill and to learn new technologies in this field, higher studies in the field of Architect in reputed International Institution is very essential.

I feel that I have not satisfied my urge to learn, especially when there is so much still to learn. I do not perceive a Graduate Degree as an end, have a strong desire to push ahead, and I plan to invest a lot in my education to build my career. To fully utilize my time spent in graduate school, I now require a program that can provide me with the best resources, and educational tools available. 

Your University can rightly provide me those. I hope that I will be given an opportunity to not only study at your University but also to become fully absorbed in your planning community. I am applying after carefully reviewing the course curriculum. Since the research focus and facilities available in your department complement my research interests and requirements. I believe that being a student in your department would not only empower my career development but would give me the framework my utilize my full potentials. Moreover, I feel that as a Master’s student at your University, I can benefit from the numerous challenging career opportunities.

Cheshtha Sharma (student)

Feel free to use the motivation letter sample provided above in writing your motivation letter for university admission.

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